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This is our loving and the best obedient boy, Payne. He is a German Shephard/Norwegian Elkhound mix. We just found out about a month ago that he has cancer. We decided that at his age of 13 1/2 we would not put him through any surgery's, nor would we do chemo or radiation, but just let him live his best, most comfortable and pain-free life for as long as possible. Other than arthritis in his back hips and legs he still does get around very well. He is a very happy dog and still loves to play, eats, drinks, help, everything like a normal dog, just getting older.... And people and animals do live with arthritis. We believe it wouldn't be right to put him down now, when he still so active and playful for a 13 yr dog. But the decision of just letting "it" go soon changed after 3 different dr. opinions, a biopsy, x-rays and bloodwork. It was determined that if the cancerous cyst on his leg/foot is not removed as soon as possible, he will bleed to death and die soon. BUT there is a risk at his age to be put under anesthesia, go through surgery and then do follow up care on an opened wound, possibly for the rest of his life (cyst is right at the bottom of the leg/foot area which there is not enough skin in that area to close the wound and it will need 24/7 wound care because of ligaments, tendons and everything being exposed) This probably will not remove all the cancer, but do we just let him bleed to death or put him down now when he is still so "healthy" and good! These are very hard decisions. We already have over $2000 in these test to even determine if it's cancer and how his heart and blood work is and now just found out the surgery will probably be another $3000 then follow up and wound care on top of that. NO, we do not have that kind of money. We will have to max out a credit card, but do we just him! This will hurt us financially, but what other choice do we have???? We are not ready to say goodbye to him yet, and we believe he is not ready to go yet either. He's in good health, other than this cancer and cyst! And he loves people and loves life.

If you don't know our boy, we're sure you would just say "put him down", but those of you who know him and how he is still getting around fairy well, would totally understand our very difficult predicament and decision. We decided to get the cyst removed surgically so it does not continue to open and bleed, and then after that we will just take it a day at a time. Dr said the surgery should be as soon as possible, so it is now planned for this next wed, 12/20.

We were in no way, going to ask for any help, but many of our friends have said that we are not being greedy or selfish if we do go ahead and create this account. So if you feel led to help in any way, We, and most definitely, Payne, would surely appreciate it. We know he's not physically ready to die yet and we certainly are not ready to "" him off, so this is what we feel we must do for him now. Please do not give if you do not feel you should. This was just created for those who wanted to help our boy and this difficult, financial situation that we are now dealing with. Thank you for caring!


Update #10
March 6, 2024
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A sad day here Wed. March 6, 2024   Only 11 weeks since his surgery....

My boys cancer tumor has come back. And it has doubled in size, and just today has broken open and bleeding. Here we are again. We can't put him through another surgery! And we can't afford chemo! 😓The more the tumor/cyst is removed, or messed with, the more aggressive they say the C will become! Other than that stupid tumor, which now is causing him some discomfort, because he starting limping today, he is still feeling great. He still wants to go out with Craig, still wants to play.....why did it need to come back SO SOON! My heart is breaking for him! He is not ready to go yet. Someone said we will know. It's not that time yet, but we don't know how to take care of this nasty tumor. Can't keep it wrapped, that makes it worse! Can't keep it unwrapped, then he bites at it. ughhhhh!!!! 😭😢 I fear this is near the end, not because he is feeling bad, HE IS NOT, but this tumor will do him in! Dr. has been called and appt. first thing next week. Just got to get through this week first!

Update #9
February 22, 2024
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I have had 2 really good months since my surgery on December 20. Feelin great! 🐕‍🦺

For those of you who do not know. I was diagnosed with an aggressive High Grade “C” last September. I had not been sick at all, just a C tumor that grew incredibly fast from August through December, then it broke open, got really gross and nasty, and had I not had surgery to remove it I would have bled to death or died from the infection of the open growing tumor. Mom and dad, and dr’s did a “quality of life” assessment and found that I was still in good shape, and wanted to live, and feeling good, so there was no choice! Surgery was very risky at my age, but being in good health, my mom and dad could not just let me die that way OR "get rid of me"!! No Way!  SCARY for me and my mom and dad, but the choice and decision was clear! $4500 later, I came through surgery remarkably well, and We all shared a great Christmas together. And I even walked that same day, which was a miracle! And we celebrated my 14th birthday on January 21. I’ve been feeling great! ❤️

Now the bad, sad news! Going into this, we knew that where the tumor was located that removing it would not get all the bad cells, unless they would have removed my whole leg. Dr. said that was not even a possibility, again with my age and arthritis in my hips and joints. Dr. said the C tumor probably will grow back again very fast and surgery after surgery would be required to continue removing it. As well as Chemo and/or radiation to slow it down. “Expect regrowth if chemo is not performed.” Not only would it not be good for me to go through more surgeries, but that would also just make the "C" mad and wreak havoc much, much worse on my body! Not a good prognosis! 😭 My other dr. who did the surgery said we better start chemo now or it would have been a waste to do the surgery if we were not going to follow up with the treatments. The oncologist called with a MONTHLY chemo estimate of $625.25 and asked when we were ready to start. My mom groaned! How could they afford this monthly for me? But how could they not! They love me! Oncologist said not to wait until it gets really bad again, and opens like it did in Dec. before we start with treatments! …. But we waited. Let’s see what happens. Maybe IT will not grow so fast. Maybe IT won’t come back at all. Maybe they are wrong!

My mom and dad started supplement for both my arthritis discomfort, and other preventative measures for “bad cells”, trying to do what they can in a more natural way.

BUT WE ARE VERY, VERY, VERY SAD TO REPORT that although I am feeling great, playing, running, eating, etc., the healed over site where the tumor was removed has started to grow again. And it has only been 2 short months! 🥺 Mom and dad will never question their decisions to spend that crazy amount of money on me to give me more time! They say I am definitely worth millions!! BUT this C is growing faster than they thought, so here we are again. Mom and dad can not afford that monthly chemo bill, so they are questioning what to do….If we don’t do treatments, we just let it grow until it breaks open again, which will be within the month or two, at the latest, as seen from the speed of it before, it bleeds, we keep it bandaged, it grows so big, that IT will me! Mom feels like she is giving me the death sentence! WE hate this! I don’t know how much longer I will be around. BUT I feel so good. I am playing, running and enjoying life. How can I die like this? This quick? We are sad! Mom can not live without me. I can not die! Why did this happen to me?

Update #8
January 27, 2024
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We have checked into many of the organizations that "help" with financial assistance of veterinary medical care, but sadly, most of these, if not all, do not cover already paid bills that have included Payne's surgery, medications, Dr visits, testings, xrays, bloodwork, routine follow up, bandage supplies, etc., that were necessary, urgent and needed done in a timely manner, since his cancer diagnosis. Both the animal hospital and the regular vet clinic require immediate payment upfront and do not accept payment plans, thus requiring us to pay at time of service with a credit card. We even have tried to do as much as we can at the regular vet clinic, as opposed to the hospital, since the hospital is almost 3 times the cost with everything! But now, the clinic has released all his care to the hospital, and everything now has to be handled through the oncologist at the animal hospital.   We have almost $4000 in this last month, but we believe any amount was definitely worth sparing his life for! He's our baby! These organizations require clear diagnosis, treatment plan, and an estimate of the cost of care from a veterinarian and/or oncologist BEFORE treatment expenses incur and may then only cover a percentage of balances due, which would then be sent directly to dr. and/or hospital BEFORE procedure, treatment, etc. is done. Only if we continue with chemo treatment plan, an estimate of $500 per month, would they be able to maybe help with a small percentage, and we still are unsure if we want to put Payne through that. He is feeling and doing so good right now, and we do not want him sick, but we are so very saddened to know that this will not continue, if we do nothing! If only money was not an option!!! We know there is no way that this would even be financially feasible! This is so hard!!!!!

The bloodwork that he had done 2 days ago did show his liver markers were slightly elevated since his last blood work in December because of being on Meloxicam for his arthritis, so please pray that this does not continue as he does benefit from and need this medication.

Thank you so much for the prayers, love and support for our best loved and obedient boy!

Our boy has been through so much this last month, but he's taking it like a champ!

Update #7
January 26, 2024
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So Super HAPPY that our boy is feeling Great! Running, Playing, Open incision is healing nicely, medicine for arthritis in his back hips is working wonders, Birthday boy turned 14 (1/20/24), acting like 5! So very HAPPY!

DISCOURAGED AND SAD that the cancer could not all be removed and Dr., Oncologist and Pathologist all confirm that it will most likely return in the form of another tumor as aggressively as the past one did. They grow, they open, if not surgically removed, he bleeds to death or infection kills him first. The more surgeries, the livelihood the more aggressive the cancer becomes. No win situation! Just a matter of time! This can not be! ... Unless we start treatment plan ASAP. BUT HE FEEL SO GOOD! ACTING LIKE A 3-5 yr old.

FRUSTRATED that in order to get more medicine, more blood work is required. He just had blood work in Dec. They need to make sure this med. isnt affecting his liver and kidneys. Understandably, just frustrated that we weren't told about all these little "extra" things. Here's to another $150. on top of the med. cost and everything else! thousands later.....

I know, I know, some would say they never would spend that kind of money on their pet. I thought that too, until this! He's not just a pet, he's our child, our baby. Shows unconditional, obedient love always!

Just spoke with oncologist again yesterday who says we should start a treatment plan with chemo and monthly testing, etc. ASAP, so, of course, I'm still waiting for an estimate on cost for us to determine this next step. He said an estimate would likely be about $500 a month. WHAT! SHOCKED! We can't afford that! So now, ...I just tell my boy, sorry, I can't afford you, so I'm going to you!!??!

My boy is worth a million bucks to us, and If we had the money, we definitely would not think twice about putting it towards his life, but we don't.

WHAT? HE IS FEELING AND DOING SO WELL, so ... we do nothing and Just choose to let him die! Take him in and him? Because we can't afford him? So cruel! Do we just people too, if we can't afford them?

We have already maxed out 1 credit card. It's just so frustrating to know I can't afford that kind of money! SO FRUSTRATING to look into his beautiful eyes and tell him, I can't afford to help you, I have to watch you die! How inhumane is this!!!

We're at such a loss!


Oncologist says as healthy as he is, other than this stupid "c" thing, he likely would live another 2-6 yrs.

Praying for some answers to help my boy live a much longer life.



Update #6
January 17, 2024
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Well, it's been 27 days since my surgery. I had another visit with my Dr. yesterday. I really don't like going there. I was ready to leave even before I walked in the door. I mean, who likes their Dr. anyways?!? 🤔 The plan was for me to get another Phovia treatment to aid in the healing of the wide open incision area where the cancerous tumor was removed, but could not be closed. After she removed my bandages, she said the site looked great and I did not need the phovia treatment. I was so happy! I must admit, I did bite off the bandages a few times over the last 27 days, when no one was looking, I know bad! bad! but overall, I listened pretty good and this proves it! Hurrah! It's healing good and the open site is getting smaller. And I'm feeling really great for an almost 14 yr old. I'm even going up and down whole flights of steps again! and playing in the snow! Ya know, my birthday is in 3 days!

But....If only it was that simple and this whole "C" journey would be over once it heals completely. But, sadly that's not the case! My oncologist says that I do need to start chemo, since the cancer cells could not all be removed. or the tumor will be back. I do not want that! Will I get sick. Why can't this just go away! I want to live longer and feel as good as I do now! My mom bought a iTeracare TeraHertz Wand (supposed to rejuvinate cells and cancer cells and do many other amazing things for the body)and has been using that daily on me (and on her and dad too) and is also trying some natural essential oils too, as per oncologist, but still recommending chemo to start asap. We see him again next week. I appreciate all your prayers. I know they are making me feel so much better! Just need to stay that way now! 

Update #5
January 6, 2024
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*Payne's Journey - Friday, 1/5/24

I saw my Dr. again this week, and she gave me a phovia light therapy treatment to aide in the healing of my open wound where they removed the tumor. They want it healed and closed as quickly as possible. This cancer is a high grade lll and is aggressive and they suggested we start chemo soon to prevent the mass from recurring probably as quickly as within a month. I do not want that. I do not want to get sick. I am having fun again, running, playing and helping my mom and dad with the chores! I feel good and am enjoying life again. Why did I have to get cancer!!!! I'm not ready to die! My mom and dad are not ready for me to die either! They are struggling with what to do cause chemo is so expensive, but if left go, the tumor will come back and it'll open, like before and I'll just bleed to death. Who wants that kind of fate!

Please remember friends, my Dr and Oncologist said that I am in great physical shape and probably could live another 2-5 years. If it wasn't for this stinking C word. My mom has looked into other pet cancer financial support, and we are waiting to hear if we qualify. But that could take months to see if were accepted, and I need care now. They do not help with previous appts. or bills. If you find it in your heart to help me, we would appreciate any support you could give. It is getting very expensive with each appt. and I need another 1 or 2 phovia treatments first before the chemo and/or radiation or any natural therapy can begin. I'm hoping to survive this and be around for another 2-5 years. Hopefully!!!!!

Thankfully, I feel so good and happy right now!

Update #4
January 2, 2024
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*Payne's Journey - HAPPY NEW YEAR Monday, 1/1/24

It is a week and a half since my surgery. Overall, I am feeling pretty good, and I had a great Christmas with mom, dad, brother, and the little grandson. I don't need my pain meds. anymore and am playing and having fun again. I don't really enjoy the daily dressing changes or the boot that I have to wear, but I don't give mom any trouble with them.

My mom got my biopsy results back from the tumor that was removed. Sadly, it did confirm 100% that it is cancer. The good news is that it looks like a type of cancer that might not travel to any on my major organs. But the biopsy did show that the cancer did extend past the margins of the mass which means that removing the mass did not remove all the cancer cells. The Dr. said that my mom and dad have 3 choices. I will either need to start chemotherapy in order for the mass and/or other tumors not to return as aggressively as this one did, OR they can research some holistic natural ways that might slow down the progression of the cancer OR do nothing.....but that means we go through the same thing that we have gone through in the last 4 months. It is highly likely that the tumor will start to grow again quickly and then we're right back to where we were before the surgery. I Love life and am feeling pretty good again, and I surely don't want to go through all that again! I see the vet oncologist this next week to check and continue treatment of the open wound care and discuss this further. My mom and dad are so happy that I am doing so well right now, but so sad that the surgery did not take away all the bad cells in my body! day at a time.

Yes, this is getting more and more expensive, but isn't my life worth it? I am not ready to give up or be put down, as I am still really enjoying everything that life, mom and dad have to offer me! If money was not an option, I think mom and dad would consider chemo, if it would not make me sick! But each treatment is very expensive and they are not able to afford that. And after looking into some natural options, that is also very expensive. So, the choices and decisions are getting very difficult!

If you would love to help me, I, mom and dad, would really appreciate your love, kindness and thoughtfulness in helping me live a longer and enjoyable life. Mom and dad's friends have asked us to set up this fundraiser if you would love to help.

Update #3
January 2, 2024
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Monday, 12/25/23 We just received the BEST Christmas present this year!

Every Christmas, Payne gets a present, a Big treat that he loves! He'd always get so excited when he'd see it; a red ribboned beef flavored rawhide bone. He'd grab it in his mouth and throw it around in the air and then want you to try to take it from him so he could grab it and try to pull it back. Our way of playing together with the bone. And then he'd spend hours, every day chewing on it till it was gone. I gave him his present 2 weeks ago, and he never touched it. Not even as much as smelled it. I gave him other treat bones too, in the last 2 weeks, and nothing!

Since the surgery last Wed. he had been pretty lethargic, not eating or drinking much, and being on pain meds. I think his stomach has been upset. He had even thrown up some and has had diarrhea, which is definitely not a good sign. BUT TODAY...

HE PLAYED!!! He wanted me to play with him and his present and he even chewed on it for a long time! He acted like his normal pre-cancer self! Hallelujah! Tears of joy as we PLAYED TOGETHER! Keep the prayers coming! They're working!!!!

Update #2
January 2, 2024
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Thursday 12/21/23 A HUGE, HEARTFELT THANK YOU for all your prayers yesterday! I came through the surgery remarkably well, just a little slower coming out of anesthesia than they thought and pretty loopy all night long. Mom said I looked like a drunk man, and yes, maybe I wobbled from side to side BUT at least I could walk slowly in the house, which is more than they thought I would do.

Today starts the daily care, could be months..... but Dr. is pretty confident that as long as we're following all the protocol, it should heal over. And I am very patient, trusting, always listen, and let them do anything to me without any fight, so it shouldn't be any problem. I ate, took my medicine, and am walking today. And doing pretty well!! Mom and Dad are so proud of me!

Now mom and dad said we need to pray even harder for the cancer to remain "at bay" for as long as possible!!! Taking it one day at a time! And living each moment to the fullest!

Update #1
January 2, 2024
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Wednesday 12/20  My friends and family, Please pray for our boy Payne today. (I think Craig and I need it too please). Today/Wednesday is his surgery to remove a sarcoma/tumor on his hind leg/foot (3 opinions later) This was a very Hard decision, but we believe right now, even though we don't have any type of heath ins. on him, we need to do everything we can to give him a chance. Don't know what that exactly means with cancer and all, but I'd always feel so terrible if I didn't at least try.

Praying for some more pain-free happy car rides, helping dad outside, playing with the grandkids, watching birds out the window, don't know abut chasing those groundhogs and squirrels....that might be stretching it, but at least some more snuggle time and love from my momma Dana!


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