Rosie's Patriot-Helping-Patriots Network! (RPHPN)

(Please contribute what you can, it all helps us find our warriors in trouble!)

Contribute $ 500.00 for our Patriot for Valor Membership

$ 1,000.00 for our Patriot for Liberty Membership

$ 1,500.00 for our Patriot for Freedom Membership

(When you become a Patriot Member, this enables us to share this vital information, by opening up new outlets that will share the important, advanced health sciences with those customers or concerned warriors in need.)

What? The (RPHPN) has been established to help communities across the U.S. reach out to help those military, veterans, first responders and their families who are suffering from P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), as well as those who suffer from other effects of military service. Individuals, businesses and organizations will be given a package, funded by our Patriot membership (to promote the RPHPN, with buttons to wear on their shirts, or garment which reads, IMAGINE N.O.W. Nurturing Our Warriors "ASK US HOW." When someone inquiries about the buttons, they will hand the customer the 4x6 postcard that shares the information on how the warrior can find advanced products and modalities that are offered throughout America for the treatment of PTSD and TBI. Example: (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.)

*(Certain cities are joining us as a part of the BETA testing. This offers us the chance to create a pilot program that will be used for future expansion cities.)

Why? The suicide and depression rates amongst our brave warriors have hit all-time highs around the country. As individuals and businesses become our 'talking heads', this enables all of us to come together as a collective with the intention to find those who are suffering with depression and the horrendous effects of war and active duty. The information handed out to these troubled warriors and their families, will steer them in a direction that has already served over 20,000 veterans and professional athletes. As we increase our patriot network, we can reduce these increasingly high numbers of brave, but hurting heroes.

When? This healing program has launched recently in the Western United States. We plan to offer this in 3-4 cities to evaluate the progress and success of its beta testing. (Please let us know if you would like to launch this heart-warming project in a city near you!)

Who? This was started by a couple concerned Americans, reaching out to those in need and referring them to our doctors and professionals who are interested in making a positive difference with our Warriors, by treating them. Join the network by visiting and click on Rosie's Patrtiots-Helping-Patriots Network (RPHPN)

$ 500.00 Patriot for Valor Includes: 

  • Mug-of-love sets to be giving to 5 Warriors.
  • The support to help us find those who are suicidal, depressed or suffering from P.T.S.D. and T.B.I.
  • 50 Imagine N.O.W buttons for the public to wear on their shirts, to spread the word about the N.O.W. healing mission.
  • 3-Imagine N.O.W. flags and liberty bells to be used by outlets around the city for awareness
  • You can become a pen-pal for those warriors who wish to share their healing journey with you!

$ 1,000.00 Patriot for Liberty membership:

Increases the number of businesses that will spread the word and discover the veterans and warriors in need. Also, your Liberty membership offers you more veterans to contact that we have found and served in direct benefit from your contribution as a Patriot for Liberty. We will be able to give our heroes more Mugs-of-Love sets, as a thank you and the Smart-Collector's mug give the warrior the needed information to help them get help or treatment they require.

$ 1,500.00 Patriot for Freedom membership.  Increases the number of businesses and organizations that will join the healing crusade to help find these veterans/warriors and search out doctors and professionals that are willing to help our mission. We will be able to give our heroes more Mugs-of-Love sets, as a thank you and the Smart-Collector's mug give the warrior the needed information to help them get help or treatment they require.

**Funds are used to cover the immense amount of overhead to implement this project and reach the media through pertinent outlets, and public figures.