My name is Pastor Ralph And Diana Rosas we have been  missionary Pastors  In Mexico for almost 15 years. During all this time we have always believed that the need for OTHERS  is a priority a must. Jesus's last command our first priority. (Feeding, Clothing, Schooling, meeting every need that is possible).Others will always be in our hearts as it is an essence we have in our hearts. Yet, now we have a desire to ask for a little of our personal needs in this case a new car, vehicle. We have never really asked nothing for ourselves and have always received used things for us (donations) that have been a blessing but not very dependent at times.We have been broken down on the roads many times. We don't  own a home or or new stuff. So as we prayed we came up with a desire to ask for help to purchase a new vehicle to continue doing ministry work as well as personal needs and have a  dependable vehicle. We ask that you pray and if it is in your heart to help, we really appreciate it. Everything helps and counts to help us meet our goal. May Our Lord Bless You!