In December of 2020, just a few short days before an EUA of national note, the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation published my first book:  Vaccination, A Catholic Perspective.  Since then, I have spend countless hours researching, speaking, and continuing to write - including co-authoring a high school biology textbook.  This fall, the Kolbe Center, which has been funding my work full-time since December of 2021, notified me that their donations are insufficient to cover another year of full-time work.  And that's where this campaign comes in - to help keep me researching and writing for another year.   

There is so much yet to do!  Spring and fall include travel around the country to speak at seminars and conferences, while summer and winter find me at home researching and preparing written materials.  All seasons bring emails to answer, especially from concerned souls who want to know whether the medication they're taking or considering is free from the taint of abortion in its development and production.

Big projects are on the horizon, too.  A K-12 philosophy of science education, along with specific homeschool curriculum recommendations, should be published soon - both in article and video formats.  An update to the vaccine book, complete with a new chapter on polio, another new chapter on the connection between vaccines and abortion, and of course a new section on current vaccines, has been in development and needs a few more months of research before it can be prepared for print.  An all-new book, on an authentically Catholic medical paradigm - based on our understanding of the body as designed by God - is next on the list. 

If you've been positively impacted by my work or the work of the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation, please consider giving to this fund!  All donations go directly to support my daily living expenses (including medical bills for my still very under-functional ankle), and take some of that pressure to provide off of the Kolbe Center. 

You can also donate directly to the Kolbe Center at this link:  If you do, please  mention my name when you send in your donation so they will know it's to help keep me employed.

May God reward you for your generosity!

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