This campaign has been set up for Billy Knutson, better known as the recording artist "Playboy The Beast", and his family.

Billy is a father of 4 kids, and has always been in their lives. He is a husband, a family man, and a great father to all of his children. They are very close, and he has a great bond and relationship with them. They absolutely adore him, as he adores them.

On the morning of Wednesday, January 12th. Billy was arrested by the FBI for being in Washington DC on January 6th and charged with 4 misdemeanors. He was told the case would not go public but the next day, it was everywhere in the news. Although Billy admits to being in D.C. that day, he was NOT a part of any attempted insurrection. All evidence will in fact prove that not only was Billy not a part of any violence that day, he was actually there keeping the peace. He helped to de escalate several potential violent situations, shook hands with several police officers and paid respects to the officers who were there. Billy knew that these officers were simply doing their jobs, and he respects that. Billy has said publicly many times that he backs the blue, and does not condone any violence that took place that day.

But, many of these news articles circulating do not give those details. They simply refer to him as being apart of the riots that took place that day. So now he is dealing with harassment on a daily basis, online threats, he's already been doxed, is being called all kinds of derogatory names online, and his business/career will undoubtedly be effected by this negative publicity. 

The money being raised here will go to help take some of the stress off of Billy, and his family during these trying times. Time will be needed to taken off from work for upcoming court dates and travels, his attorney lives an hour away and he will need to meet with him regularly. Plus other court costs, potential fines, and even the possibility that he might get taken away from his family and have to serve some time.

Billy is also confined to the state now so any potential events, and concerts he had been planning to attend will no longer be a possibility. If Billy does have to do any amount of time, his wife will end up losing her job as Billy works from home doing music, and also takes care of the kids during the day. They have no immediate family in the area to assist them. So, a good portion of this money would be saved for a potential emergency such as that.

Billy was also completely banned and de platformed on all social media platforms over a year ago simply for being a conservative artist and using his platform to spread awareness. So, his ability to reach his fan base has been greatly impacted by that. A portion of this money will also go towards helping him get his music out to more people. 

Currently Billy does have a court appointed Public Defender who seems to be doing a pretty good job with the case but, if any issues arise he will also need to have some money for a paid attorney.