Pennsylvania Parents Protecting Children opposes the forced masking of our school children. Our current goal is to help raise money for a lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Department of Education which was filed on February 9, 2022 in the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court. 

This lawsuit is estimated at $30,000 to fight all the way. We want to reach our goal so that we can help reduce the burden of legal fees on these parents who are fighting for their children. They are putting up all of the financial risk to help unmask kids across the state. Please help only if you are financially able.

Masks are physically and psychologically harmful to everyone, especially our K-12 population. According to, most children with COVID-19 have mild symptoms or have no symptoms at all.

We WILL end this madness, but we need your help! We are community members and professionals in fields such as medicine, law, and education.

We are educating parents with facts and grassroots petitions they can bring to their local school boards to elicit change in their districts. We have created a ground up movement that empowers local parents in their local community.

With your help, we can protect our children from harmful masks and help kids return to school in a normal environment. Please continue to share how we are working to help the children of Pennsylvania, ensuring they grow up healthy and in a world free of fear.  

Thank you,

Pennsylvania Parents Protecting Children

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- Pennsylvania Parents Protecting Children is a group based in Pennsylvania working to fight mask mandates on children in schools.

- Donations will be used for legal fees associated complaints we are drafting, as well as education and advocacy for local parents.