Hi I’m nicole owner of owlivia creations by nicole and owlivia creations farm life and rescue . Over the last 3 years our company we created whne my daughter passed in 2018 has given us enough to live on and help animals in need. As our rescue (sanctuary ) has taken in more animals we are trying to raise monthly funding to keep going , add new stables(coops) fencing , food , vet care , and a pond for the ducks . 

We have saved over 200* animals who all are with us . 

6 dogs , pigs, ducks , chickens , guineas etc . 

We need your help so we can continue to save these animals lives others are just releasing into the wild to get killed . 

We need fencing bad , and supplies to feed and build to safely keep these animals from wildlife that can hurt or kill them . 

If u can help us we greatly appreciate anything you can do .