Help! Our Widowed Friend Needs A Car

Campaign Created by: Marc Scanlon

The funds from this campaign will be received by Marc Scanlon.

Goal: USD $8,900
Raised: USD $ 1,200

Our friend Valerie is an older lady that is fervent Christian, and who is a mighty intercessor. She is praying for a miracle because her income is severely limited. She is a woman of Faith, and has had to overcome many obstacles since her husband passed away. Unfortunately, there was not much if any provision for her upon this circumstance. She lost her home and some of her children are struggling. Once she can get a reliable vehicle, she can work again. The vehicle she had was quite old and it wore out to the point of being unrepairable and a safety hazard. I appeal to those who can help because Jesus commanded us to help the widow. " Always treat with great consideration and give aid to those who are truly widowed (solitary and without support "). 1 Timothy 5:16 AMPC


Update #3 Praise God for his abundant blessings! Help is STILL needed, will you be the one?
March 13, 2023
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As of March 13, we now have funds totaling $4,310.00! This represents 48.4% of our goal. WE ARE ALMOST HALFWAY THERE! (AGAIN, the total on GiveSendGo only shows the amount given through the website.)  We are sitting on cash and checks for the difference.

I encourage the Saints of God to help our dear friend Valerie Addis. She has been believing God for months for a vehicle and I am confident the Lord makes a way where there is seemingly not one present.

Update #2 God is moving on the hearts of His people!
March 6, 2023
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Yesterday, I received Cash and Check Donations (not through the GiveSendGo website) of $1,860.00 !!! Glory to God, and Praises to His Name! That total added to the previous amount we have in hand is, wait for it....$3,310.00!!! We are 37.2% towards our goal....The Lord never leaves His children begging for bread. Won't you consider a donation today to help Valerie, our faithful widow and prayer intercessor who loves Jesus?

Campaign Update #1
March 3, 2023
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Just a quick update on our progress for Valerie... We have received a $250 CASH Donation that is NOT reflected in the total, so our Total so far is $1450.00. I have also received verbal commitments for additional donations, not sure how they will come in, whether through this website or by cash.


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