Operation Repatriate - Help Stranded US ExPats!

Campaign Created by: Kandace Keithley

The funds from this campaign will be received by Kandace Keithley.

Goal: CAD $5,000
Raised: CAD $ 10

Hi Everyone!

I started this campaign to get myself (a USMC Vet and Citizen Journalist) out of Trudeau's increasingly tyrannical Canada and back to my home town, Bartlesville Oklahoma, where this work will continue in a more formal way to help other American Expats who are struggling and need help getting home. -- Sgt. Kandace Keithley, USMC (Vet), Bird Clan Messenger

Operation Repatriate is a crowd-funded project to relocate me and the Bird Clan Messenger operation from Toronto (behind the Canadian Iron Curtain) to Bartlesville Oklahoma, where it will become a registered charity to help others once we're on the ground.

There are more than 6 million American Expats around the world, many trapped in Socialist or Communist countries or in abusive situations and many need help returning home during this chaotic and dangerous time. But the US government offers no tangible resources to repatriate American citizens while using billions of our tax dollars for "foreign aid" and to support the invasion of illegal aliens into our nation.

It is time for this to end, and if you believe US Citizens trapped abroad deserve help more than foreign criminals in getting back to our own country and re-established into our communities, please support our work. Contact your elected officials and share this campaign.

The first step is to get me (a USMC Vet on disability and the founder/publisher of Bird Clan Messenger) out of Canada and back home to Bartlesville, Oklahoma with enough money to get established and find a base of operations to continue this work for other Expats who need help.

Once Established, Operation Repatriate will provide financial and resource support for American Citizens facing difficulties in repatriating. Offering qualified applicants assistance with:

  • Relocation Expenses
  • Information on housing, employment, healthcare, government programs and service agencies
  • Social opportunities and professional networks
  • Support provided via telephone, email, and Zoom

Priority given to US Military Veterans and Families with Children

If you are a US Citizen who has been living abroad and are having difficulty returning stateside, or if you are interested in getting further involved with this initiative, please contact us here. 

Thank you so much for your attention, prayers, and support. Looking forward to getting home.

Semper Fi

Kandace Keithley, SGT (Vet) USMC,

Founder and Publisher - Bird Clan MessengerOperation Repatriate


Strategies and Opportunties
August 26, 2022
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I'm working to get organized to leave Canada and return to Oklahoma in the next few months, and am going to be looking for a driver to take me and my personal belongings across the border and to Bartlesville. I have made the trip many times but won't have my license by then. I'm thinking it would be great to hire a trucker who can cross the border and get back in, or someone with a Status Card with the ability to cross without restraint. I'd be renting a van, we can sort out details of return either by returning the van to the rental agent here, or by air. I'm thinking $1,000 and expenses. There would be a night on the road in a hotel. If you know a trucker looking for work who might be interested have them contact me at:  OpRepatriate@proton.me

Donations to Operation Repatriate not only help get expats home, they provide an income for others.



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