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Goal: USD $100,000
Raised: USD $ 5,470

Experience the invasion firsthand.

The US Border is open.  

Witness camps and “colonias” under construction with our borders. Colonia is a word unfamiliar to most Americans: “Colonia” means A COLONY.

Example: North of Houston a massive colonia is under construction. Colony Ridge colonia is in Liberty County, Texas. Near George H. Bush Intercontinental Airport. This will be large enough for at least 200,000 new aliens.  Less than one month’s worth of at the going invasion rate.  

And now in other parts of the US there is talk of forcing Americans to let “migrants” live in their homes.

Colonias are permanent alien towns.  Aliens are being flown directly into communities. Publicly supported by Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush, George Soros, and more.

This invasion is facilitated by the US Government.  We see hotels completely taken over in places like San Francisco and San Diego.  

We go to these places, and more.

Join famed war correspondent and former Green Beret, Michael Yon, along with the esteemed Ann Vandersteel, host of Right Now with Ann Vandersteel, and an able team of serious men and women to engage with and report on the reality of this war zone while meeting reliable sources across Customs and Border Patrols, Sheriffs, local law enforcement, members of Congress, and "migrants" who supposedly are coming to America for a "better way of life" at the expense of taxpayers who cannot afford their own bills. 


We Bring:

- Top of the line Military Grade Communications Gear

    • Ground-to-ground, ground-to-air, and satellite comms

    • Starlink for broadband communications and broadcasting

- Various sensors, including $500,000 cooled-thermal-camera that can discern male from female by thermal signature 1-2 miles out, depending on weather. This amazing thermal is attached to an $80,000 fifty-foot mast.

- Image intensifiers such as PVS-14s. Handheld thermal scanners. Other high quality low-light optics including the most modern platforms.

- IR and visible spotlights

- Helicopter coverage 

- Multiple aviation options including helicopters and fixed wing aircraft allowing for video capture and real-time thermal imaging.

- Advanced drone technology with FAA certified Drone pilots.

- Advanced audio and video equipment for discreet and overt audio/video capture.

- Multiple vehicles, RVs, and staff with military trained security and investigators.

We bring a great deal to the table so we can get the evidence Americans need.

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Update #1
August 24, 2023
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JBS “PHASE I of OPERATION BURNING EDGE is complete. PHASE II is about to begin.

The invasion is larger than you think. “The planned collapse of America is well underway.”

Michael and @annvandersteel were on the #AlexJones show as guests and then later hosted 4 hours. What they have uncovered during OPERATION BURNING EDGE is far larger than what they even imagined. https://michaelyon.com/media-appearances/report-on-operation-burning-edge-phase-i/

@infowars #migrantwars #migrantinvasion #trafickingchildren 


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