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On July 5, 2020, 6 violent men showed up at my home at around 1:30 in the morning. They surrounded my son and beat him violently over a 4 minute period. Within minutes, 1 of the 6 threw the first punch at my son and as my son fought back, my son ended up on the ground immediately. As he initially tried to get up, 1 of the other 5 who surrounded him moved forward and kicked him back to the ground so his buddy could continue to beat him from a standing position, over my son as he threw over 20 full fisted punches to the head, neck and ribs. My son’s head was against the asphalt as the majority of these blows took place. He can be seen in the video in a complete fetal position, not fighting back with his arms and knees tucked in trying to protect himself from the blows and at one point, his body goes completely limp as he is knocked unconscious and yet, the initial attacker savagely continued to beat his defenseless posture with vicious intent. It is all on video. Warning: Graphic Content -

Not one of the 6 were charged for their actions that night but the local police charged the Dad for protecting his home and family with 13 counts with a possibility of 2 life sentences in prison. Please read our full story at

There was absolutely no probable cause against this father of 6. The police had the video and there was still no investigation. There is no accountability for a local justice system who abuses their power because they don't agree that a Father has the right to protect his family and his home.

These men were demanded to leave the moment they came to our property. They refused. These men were violent and destructive and their intentions were clear from the onset. 

During my son’s trial, one of the 6 made a statement which comes directly from the transcripts (sorry it's broken - this is how it is typed in the transcript) when asked what he was thinking when he saw the homeowner meet them at the property with a gun and what he was thinking of doing- "So, like, I was the the video that they have I end up walking away from them cause I wanted to try to get around them and see if we could, like, just get him down so we could get the gun out of his hands. - I imagined I was gonna walk down the block and they weren't gonna see me and I was gonna walk up behind him --- like, go around the building and come up behind him and just tackle him, just tackle him just se we can get the gun out of his hand."  He didn’t have one thing to say about possibly rethinking their violent intentions but rather admitted that the only thought at that point that crossed his mind was “I knew I had to get the gun away from the father any way I could.” He was also questioned why he wouldn't have thought to leave once he saw a gun and again, taken directly from the transcripts from trial: "But, I mean, it did cross my mind that we probably shouldn't be there, but you go --- you got six guys, like---" 

The Ephrata, PA police department and the Lancaster County DA said these 6 violent individuals did nothing wrong. 

I pray you watch the video for yourself and make up your own mind as to the validity of the charges that has this Father of 6 sitting in a prison cell for protecting his son.


Update #1
June 6, 2022
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So, today (May 23, 2022) was my first in person with Mark. After all of the visitors made it through the security checks, the office had us wait at the door to the visitation room. I was lucky enough to be standing with a direct view of the entire corridor and I saw Mark make the corner with the other prisoners. I can’t even begin to explain the butterflies! I wasn’t sure what I was going to expect. This has been the longest time away from him since we got married, ironically – 12 years ago yesterday. I watched as he respectfully took every order from the guard that was bringing them into the small 8 foot by 20 foot room. I was excited to see that he was still standing tall with his shoulders high and his eyes even higher. I still found him to be the sexiest man I have ever met with his dark forest green prison jumpsuit. The guards held us back until the prisoners chose their seat on the opposite side of the window and then let us know we could take our seat. I never took my eyes off of him and could not wait to get close. I immediately placed my hand up to the glass and he in turn did the same and I swear I could feel his energy. It took him a moment to figure out that he had to enter a code into his telephone in order for the conversation to begin. It was extremely difficult to hear him as the reception was extremely scratchy. He sounded like he was still a million miles away but I didn’t care. Looking into his eyes was worth it all. The first thing he said to me was “You look beautiful! I love you so much!” I could tell when he spoke that he was struggling. As he began to smile, I saw the outside of his smile tremble a bit and I knew he was emotional. He brought his hand to his neck and muffled that he had a huge lump in his throat. I told him to sit quietly and take a deep breath while I do all of the talking for a bit so he could calm down. For anyone who knows me… that would not be difficult, I always have much to say. Without taking my eyes away from his eyes for one second, I continued to tell him how much I love him and how much I was fighting for him. As a tear escaped, you could tell he didn’t want to wipe it for fear that the guard would see. So, it slowly made it’s way down his cheek and rested in a wrinkle in his neck. It’s funny what type of things you pay attention to in a situation like this. I continued to tell him how important it was for me that he does not allow anyone here to break him. I told him over and over how proud I am of him and how honored I am to be his wife. I think I saw no more than 2 more tears for the next 15 minutes, but they were so slow in making their way down his face. I would have done anything to be able to hold him in a warm embrace to assure him that everything was going to be okay even though I know that nothing is okay. But it was my goal to be his strength. Overall, he really is doing well. He has more courage than anyone I know and has one of the biggest hearts God created. One of the last things he said to me was, “Babe, I am so sorry.” And I told him what I will tell him every time he states such nonsense. I said, “Don’t you dare ever say you are sorry again. You can say, I’m sorry they did this to us but don’t you ever try to take this blame!”


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