After recently passing through the bowels of a woke corp 
I find myself liberated and free to work exclusively on projects that matter! 

Some may know of me from the news I post to various social platforms as Capitalist Pigs

I am now launching a series of websites, the first of which and key to promoting the rest is: Oinker.Space 

Oinker is a new exclusive social network (Free to join), a companion to the content I am now publishing to my OinkerSpace channels: https://rumble.com/c/c-1923697

Oinker will host exclusive content for members and act as a rallying point for promoting further community driven content.

I am asking for donations primarily to cover the costs of hosting for Oinker.Space for 1 year.

In this period of time I will develop and promote a series of websites platforming free speech and small businesses concerns. Details below ..

Gorilla Media (working title)

For the last couple of years I have been building a distributed social publishing platform. One that will include a vibrant user interface and monetization features for small businesses.

The goal of this platform is to counter big-tech persecution of anyone who dissents from their questionable political agenda and to amplify the reach of small businesses.

A working beta of this can be found here:


A portion of the donations will cover the cost of hosting and domain registration for this community driven network 


Any additional funds donated beyond the goal will only expedite the development of Oinker and Gorilla Media.

All the best,

Pig Wig!