Official Legal Defense Fund for Harrison Floyd

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Goal: USD $350,000
Raised: USD $ 327,747

UPDATE: Harrison is very grateful for all of your overwhelming support. Yesterday, at Harrison's initial hearing where no lawyer was present, the judge denied bond because she said he was a flight risk. We do not believe the judge was correct because Harrison voluntarily traveled from Maryland to Georgia to turn himself in. We will be filing pleadings on Monday to rectify this situation in front of the assigned judge, Judge Scott McAfee. Unfortunately, this caused us to revise our initial estimate of costs and we have increased our budget accordingly. I will be posting further updates and links on Monday so that you can follow progress and see what your generous donations have enabled us to do. I also intend to provide a disclosure for how the money is being spent on his case. Thank you all again.

I represented Harrison Floyd in the hoax J6 case brought by Jack Smith. In case you didn't know, Harrison Floyd is one of 19 defendants who has been victimized by Fani Willis, a Democrat prosecutor bent on advancing her political career. Harrison voluntarily flew to Georgia and voluntarily turned himself in to the police. However, unlike all of the other Defendants, Harrison is the only black defendant and the only one who hasn't been released. He couldn't afford a Georgia attorney and when he asked he was denied a lawyer.

Harrison is also a veteran of America's finest--the United States Marine Corp. He is a disabled vet and lives off that pension. For him to be treated this way is a travesty.

Fani will say he should have called her in advance to work out a bond. But that's what these white Democrats want her to say. She is weak. She knows he's a strong black man who was a Director of Black Voices for Trump. Harrison told me that if she were a strong black woman, "she'd try to lift up a strong black man, not tear him down." 

Harrison is innocent. There is no victim here in this fake case being brought by Fani. Harrison shouldn't have to post any bond whatsoever. After all, how can he be a flight risk when he voluntarily turned himself in.

There's a lot more to Harrison's story and we'll be posting more soon. Harrison does not have the resources to hire an attorney to fight a case such as this. Please help in any amount that you can to assist in his legal defense and get him out on bond. His wife and two year old daughter are very worried about him at the moment and want him home.

We are part of Harrison's legal team in the Jack Smith J6 investigation but we are coordinating counsel in Georgia. I can guarantee these funds will go to help him with his bond and his legal defense in Georgia.


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Update #4
September 5, 2023
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Just a quick update for you all. We are in the process of putting together several motions for the Court to hear. All of the accused people in this case are filing numerous motions attacking the validity of the indictment. Each person is different and requires a detailed analysis. We intend to have Harrison Floyd's motions filed by the end of this week or the start of next week. I will post these motions on FaceBook and begin updating there soon.

The District Attorney, Ms. Fani Willis, did file a motion to try and set our trial and all defendants together. The Court denied that motion in our case. This is good news. 

Finally, you all have relieved the stress in the Floyd family household and they again asked that I convey a warm thank you for supporting him. Please keep Harrison and all of his lawyers and paralegals in your prayers. We don't know the outcome but we are called to act. It is God who determines the end.

Update #3 - GOD IS SO GOOD! Harrison is out of jail.
August 30, 2023
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Folks, thank you for all of your prayers and support. Because of your assistance we were able to get Harrison out. His first call went to his wife (an emotional moment for them). They asked me to thank you profusely so thank you, thank you, thank you. The second thing they did was to thank God.

Fulton County Jail is not a nice place to be held. There are good people who work there but it is understaffed. I heard that it is currently under investigation by the DOJ for a lack of control. They've had several deaths take place in that jail, one even from bed bugs! An angel was watching over Harrison.

Harrison is doing well though he can't wait to take a shower. It's been a couple of days.

I don't know whether you all are interested but I will continue to post progress here. We've got some new developments coming up that I will post so that you can follow what's going on. You will want to hear what we've done after the Bond. Be patient. I expect next week.

In the meantime, I expect to try and answer the emails you all have sent--well over 1000!


Harrison's Legal Team (Chris Kachouroff, Todd A. Harding, and Carlos Salvado)

Update #2 - He’s about to be free!
August 29, 2023
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GOOD NEW:!!!! Harrison will likely be out this afternoon. 

Thank you for all of your prayers and your help. We will be posting updates regularly so you will know what your support has done. 

Update #1 - Bond Motion filed
August 26, 2023
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We have a bond motion filed for Harrison. We should be able to obtain a date for a hearing when the Court opens on Monday morning. We will get him out. Stay tuned!


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