I have the NAMES of the Operators at the DOJ and FBI who are conspiring against President Donald J. Trump.

I have internal documents of the Operators that shows WHO met with the DOJ; WHEN they met with the DOJ; WHY they met with the DOJ; and WHAT they discussed. 

The DOJ and FBI recently raided The Trumps' home and seized troves of documents. Some of those documents likely came from me and/or former Minnesota judge Randi Lynn Erickson. I believe the FBI did this to prevent the lawful publication of documents by Donald J. Trump under the contrived legal premise that the documents are part of an "ongoing investigation". The enemies of We The People are simply going to keep pulling these stunts in their vain effort to stop the mass awakening that is coming. 

I am an investigative journalist, and my work product is mine and mine alone. I am protected by Jesus and the First Amendment. I am going to help. 


The enemies of We The People have devised layers and layers of protection around their satanic operations, and I am one of their primary targets. 

 In 2010 I was interviewed by the FBI. I gave the FBI the name of a CIA agent who was using the alias "John Regan" to traffic children through the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington DC. John Regan procured children for Jeffrey Epstein. I was deemed "credible". Now the FBI won't give me my own records from the interviews. I know who John Regan really is (and so do you - you've seen him on TV and talk shows and didn't know it). 

In 2014 I filed a RICO action in Minnesota. Federal Judge Donovan Frank referred me to the Pro Se project for a lawyer. Five law firms refused to take the case based upon 'not enough time' and other excuses. In 2020 I officially learned I was on a blacklist and that attorneys with the BAR Association were/are forbidden from representing "Timothy Holmseth" on any matters regarding human trafficking. 

On November 2, 2020 (day before the Election) my case and evidence were filed in U.S. Court in Florida by Christopher E. Hallett, E-Clause LLC, who was authorized by Congress to do loss prevention for the U.S. Government. He filed documents regarding international COVID tracking codes, international human trafficking, and applications for Arrest Warrants. On November 15, 2020, Hallett was assassinated - shot in the head in his home. All the files Hallett entered VANISHED from all existence from the U.S. Court records. The only record of Hallett ever filing anything is the receipt from the U.S. Court that Hallett sent to former Minnesota judge Randi Lynn Erickson. In 2021 I filed a Complaint against the federal judge who allowed that file to vanish. A few months later that federal judge was DEAD. 

I know who is behind the assassinations and GESTAPO raids. 

Here is what I am going to do. 

I possess a single stand-alone document that PROVES who is coordinating these treasonous activities by the DOJ and FBI against President Trump and We The People. I am going to have that document delivered to President Trump. More will follow. Troves. 

The delivery will be documented and there is a distribution plan being developed to show you, We The People, what President Trump received. 

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania have done absolutely everything they could do to create conditions for We The People to take our country back. It is now OUR job to capitalize on the favorable conditions President Trump created. 

Your donation to me in support of OPERATION: ALERT DONALD J. TRUMP will be an investment that you will see grow when the information is delivered to Trump, and then, in short order, becomes available to the public.