The Indigenous Cebecar people live in many small remote villages in the mountains of Costa Rica. We Americans get to wake up to electricity, clean running water, accessible food, and many more comforts. The Cebecar live a much more difficult, harsh life in Costa Rica. Cebecars wake up and walk several miles through the jungle to work all day on a farm to make hardly enough money to buy food. Then the Cebecar walk back home to make all their food from scratch. Most homes are fatherless, and the Cebecar people have limited access to basic healthcare and hygiene needs. When we wake up, we brush our teeth and take showers. This isn't an option for most Cebecar people. On top of these daily physical needs, the Cebecar people lack access to a consistent and robust community. Most families, consisting of a single mother and her children, can't spend much time out of work to come together in fellowship. Our goal is to bring the Kingdom of God to the Cebecar people of Costa Rica. Our time with the Cebecar people will be spent teaching ESL, hosting VBS, hosting medical clinics, and distributing Bibles that have been translated into the Cebecar language. Our mission is to meet the spiritual, relational, and health needs of the Cebecar people.