People that know me at my core will tell you that my personality is unforgettable, I have a wicked sense of humor and someone that you just do not forget. What they will not say is that I’m worthless, they will not tell you that I’m a bad mother and they wouldn’t tell you that I have no purpose and I should myself to make everyone’s life better. For the past 7 years I have purchased more makeup to cover bruises I’ve been spat upon in my face in front of my children I’ve had 3 phones smashed and I’ve had a laptop kicked into my face while on a work zoom call. I was instructed to say I tripped and fell. This fundraiser is not about a problem it’s about my solution and to shine the spotlight on the man. (Kills me to call him a man). My very soon to be ex husband 

Here is how you can help IM NOT LOOKING FOR JUST A HANDOUT more importantly if you could repost this message on whatever social media platforms you have and if you want to donate I appreciate that as well

I recently acquired a domain for my website that I’m working on I’m in the very beginning stages of this entire thing but it’s coming together. Startup costs inventory promoting takes cash so maybe someone will read this and want to invest in my idea. 

The product aside from my branded apparel I wanted to take my experience and that fearfulness I had when I knew he was going to abuse me it’s terrifying physics alone give him the upper hand and the 3 times I tried to call for help he smashed my phone or made me unlock it to ensure I didn’t record him. The product I’m working on will allow victims to wear a necklace with pendant or a bracelet that records with a single button push to have clear identifiable truth recorded. In my experience law enforcement can do so much more with something they see or hear in real time. I started carrying a larger recorder but it’s not discreet however a piece of jewelry is. And there are victim advocates that I work with now that can discreetly collect the recordings or pendant from you that day or night. 

In closing abuse is not gender specific I volunteer for men and women that are getting out of abusive situations and need help looking for work or interview prep resume writing (I’m a recruiter by trade) I’ve pitched my website and idea to a few trusted people and I’ve received great feedback 

How you can help and my efforts with you. I refuse to sit here and not do my part I apply each night for grants I look for funding opportunities I recruit web design help from college kids that I can pay a few bucks and feed them to help! I truly hope you will consider posting this on your social media because the more eyes the better and that means so much to me just as a donation does. Sorry this post is so long 

Xoxo Violet

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Check for updates for my YouTube channel soon I will post the link in a few days