Every life is precious, and our mission continues to lead us to fight to end abortion and supply pre- and post-services if the abortion decision is made. Our dedication to the sanctity of life shapes every project we undertake, and as always, we give at least 15% of sales to organizations that support our cause.

We are now embarking on a new venture that will allow us to reach more people, spread our message, and generate sales to support our cause. We plan to buy a mobile coffee shop (trailer) to visit and minister to various locations, events, and communities. But we NEED your help to make this dream a reality. We seek to raise $50,000 over the next 4 weeks to cover the cost of the coffee trailer, equipment, initial stock, and operational costs for the first few months.

No contribution is too small. Whether you can give $5 or $500, your donation will make a significant difference. More than just a donation, your contribution will be a powerful statement of your commitment to promoting life and supporting mothers in need.