We are the news-talk media outlet where Tulis Report blitzes the airwaves and where Macil Duncan, the Patriot Pastor, works to encourage the city's people 5-7 p.m. weekdays in support of the Apison Food Pantry.
The work at NoogaRadio 96.9 FM is to promote the kingdom of God as required in the Bible, the work of grace in the lives of individuals and the city itself. We have entered a nonprofit phase at NoogaRadio 96.9 FM seeking gifts and underwriters.
Pastor Duncan is a local hero, keeping his church open in 2020 in the midst of dread and panic across Christendom that shuttered most churches and put our county and state into a fraud-caused rolling disaster. He argues for courage and community.
David Tulis, a dad of four and long active in the pro-life and homeschooling fields, has been on the air 10 years, promoting kingdom work with increasingly strong prophetic elements pushed in his report. 

Namely, that we are under God's wrath and judgment for our personal and national sins, and that we should repent as the wrath pours from the holy cup across the U.S. and the Tennessee Valley. God demands that we fight for justice, the rights of the weak and the poor, the limits upon the civil magistrate as set down in Romans 13 and the public policy exposed by the Old Testament. He commands that we face national ruin and breakdown with stout hearts, that we have more children, expand our families, enlarge our service and charity, that we repent, pray, expand the ministry of the church to more than just the Sunday sermon.
He requires in these parlous times that we stand firm against tyrants abstract and personal, that we fight for reformation and rebuilding, stopping evil acts, building a parallel economy and a lococentric free market capitalist voluntaryist non-hierarchical local economy.
This can-do vision is that of NoogaRadio 96.9 FM. Through its TN Valley Outreach Society, it fights for this vision, and seeks your support.

David is on the air at NoogaRadio by God's grace 10 hours a week (weekdays 2-4 p.m.). He writes at TNtrafficticket, a public justice and economics blog.