Kids, teenagers, youth... living in poverty, forced into prostitution, fighting for survival in gangs... the fatherless, the orphaned, the rejected and abused... each one is special & possesses potential for greatness.

Tricking is an art form that has evolved over the centuries from Brazilian Capoeira, and incorporates both gymnastics and martial arts, as well as other movement genres. The Nicavangelists use Tricking as diversional therapy, to steer kids away from vices they encounter on the streets and towards a healthy lifestyle.

Back-story: The Nicavangelists’ very first troupe member was a young man by the name of Aben, who was joined not too much later by one of his best friends, Beycker. Both of these fellas have travelled abroad with The Nicavangelists but have committed to spending the next few years developing Nica talent in the Nicavangelists’ home turf, Managua. Hence, the Nicavangelists Street Tricking School was born!

Both Beycker and Aben (And now Leisky, Rene, David, Joshua and Isaias) understand what it’s like to be a street kid. Each are fatherless and have had to fight for survival in their shanty world. Now they’ve progressed with their Tricking skills to a professional level, each placing in Nicaragua’s premier Tricking event, “Truco Caos Maestro Reunión.” (Stunt Master Chaos Gathering) and also successfully competing in many US/Central American competitions..

Beycker and Aben have now directed and taught in The Nicavangelists Street Tricking School for several years. They are committed to the dozens of youths who come along for classes and “open floor” each day. Their gym is the barrios' streets...

The kids and teenagers who attend The Nicavangelists Street Tricking School are youths from the streets of Managua (Mayoreo, Lomas de Guadalupe and Tipitapa). Caught up in a cycle of poverty, and with all the challenges and disappointments that come with their lives, the school is an outlet to experience joy, friendship, physical activity, the development of talents, nourishment and more.

The Nicavangelists Street Tricking School exists because of the generosity, love and care of individuals around the world, who seek to see these youngsters achieve their potential, a bright future. At the moment we are in need of 
4 trampolines for our new classes in the MayoreoLomas de Guadalupe, Tipitapa and Cedro Galan (In and around Managua). We need many used mattresses for all of our 4 sites too.

Thank you for considering partnering with The Nicavangelists Street Tricking School. We honestly cannot do it without you!