America is under assault!

The 2020 election was completely fraudulent. President Trump won in a fair count and should be the rightful American President for the next 4 years!  OldMedia like FoxNews has completely abandoned us!  It is up to NewMedia like YourVoice America to fight back and carry the torch of truth and patriotism!

YourVoice America, founded by Bill Mitchell from Twitter and now Parler has always been a pro-MAGA and Pro-Trump show.  We are on 5 nights a week and have excellent commentary as well as outstanding guests from the world of politics.  Over the past 5 years, our show has received millions of views with hundreds of thousands of fans.

YourVoice America went off the air for several months as Bill Mitchell, the Host, was fighting a life-threatening genetic disease. He was given just 2 months to live, but with your prayers and God's blessing, he has been cured and is back to relaunch the show during these perilous times! YourVoice America eventually hopes to be funded fully by advertisers, but Bill Mitchell is just now returning from life-saving surgery and that may take a little while. In the meantime we are wholly dependent upon donations from our fans and followers.

If Bill Mitchell has given you hope in the past and continues to now, please give a donation to keep him on the playing field to stand up for America! NewMedia needs powerful voices to fight back!

Love to everyone and God bless!