Neil Hagerty Mental Health & Legal Supports

Campaign Created by: Terrilyn Hagerty

The funds from this campaign will be received by Terrilyn Hagerty.

Goal: USD $28,300
Raised: USD $ 15,645
UPDATE: We want to thank everyone who donated to the GFM for Neil. Unfortunately, the campaign has been removed by GFM due to their term of service that prohibits raising funds for legal defense of certain ALLEGED crimes. The funds that were not transferred prior to the campaign being canceled will be reimbursed to those individuals. I want to thank everyone who donated and if you received a refund I want to apologize for the inconvenience. We are starting this new campaign with GiveSendGo to continue to raise money for Neil’s care. This is an extremely complicated case and raises many questions that will be addressed by the lawyers once Neil is safely at the hospital. We will keep you posted as much as we can but please understand that we are not at liberty to speak openly about the case. THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY FOR SUPPORTING & BELIEVING IN NEILWith love and kindness - Terrilyn & JJ--------------------------------------------------------My name is Terrilyn, Neil Hagerty and I have been married for 19 years and share a 15 year old daughter. I created this campaign to support him getting the care that he needs. Neil Hagerty, founding member of the groundbreaking band Royal Trux, was arrested after an unfortunate encounter with Denver Police on April 14th, following a welfare check. It is important to note that Neil has been struggling with mental health issues for a long time and this concerning incident highlights the urgent need for Neil to receive proper mental health treatment. Everyone involved with the Royal Trux is deeply concerned about Neil's well-being. Please help us to offset the costs of getting him the care and representation he will need to cull a compassionate resolution that will allow him time and professional treatment to recover and get back on track. Neil has never encountered this kind of trouble, but over the years his mental condition has intensified especially over the pandemic. These are the main reasons I decided to start this campaign to raise money to offset the excessive costs of getting him the care he will need to obtain a compassionate resolution that will allow him time and professional mental health treatment. Our goal is to raise at least $50,000, to help defray the excessive costs associated with Neil’s current mental health. I have secured a professional team to support him and his mental health needs. The monies raised are being secured in an account that directly pays for those services. Every donation will be followed up with an email receipt retroactively including our personal request of you to write Neil with positive words. The letter mailing campaign address will also be included in your donation receipt. Additionally, Jennifer Herrema; Neil’s Royal Trux partner and family friend, has donated a free download of an audio track that combines 4 years of singular audio tracks Neil has posted to his Patreon subscribers. The combined tracks highlight Neil’s creativity while illuminating his disconnected mental state. We know that Neil is an incredibly talented musician who has brought joy and inspiration to countless fans over the years. Our family believes that he deserves to get the help he needs to overcome his struggles and get back to doing what he loves. Please consider making a donation to this campaign to help Neil get the support he needs. Every dollar counts, and your contribution could make a huge difference in his life and the outcome of this situation. Our family thanks you for your support. In Kindness - Terrilyn Hagerty


December 30, 2023
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I want to send a sincere thank you to all of you for your support and ongoing commitment to Neil and his situation. Many things have happened in the past six months and we wanted to share some updates. Your donations and good thoughts have provided Neil with strength and the ability to get medical and legal assistance that have brought him to a stronger and clearer space. Below are some of events that have occurred in the past six months. 

With love and care - TH

July 2023

Thanks in large part to all of your support and contributions I am home and I have been stabilized. I also received a solid diagnosis for which there is effective treatment. In the past week I also had my ankle monitor removed. Though the legal process will be arduous, for the first time in this ordeal I am hopeful about what the future holds for myself, my family and my fans. With gratitude, Neil Hagerty

Oct 2023

In the past month I have attended two hearings both of which seemed to move things in a positive direction. I can’t go into any details but I remain hopeful at this point in the process. Without your concern and donations I’m not sure where things would stand. Thanks to all of you for your help. Neil Hagerty

Dec 2023

Recently I had a court date vacated and moved ahead into 2024. Just after that, pre-trial services asked to cease monitoring me and that was allowed. Barring details I can’t discuss and allowing for my ignorance it appears that these events are two important milestones on the path to a positive resolution to my situation. Thank you again for all of your contributions, support, and concern.

Update & message from Neil
June 30, 2023
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Hello to all of you and I thank you for supporting us in this difficult time. I can't comment on the situation itself now, except to say: I have been kept strong by this uncommon outpouring of charity and concern. I don't know how long it will take to see this through but I do hope to be able to thank all of you individually & personally some day.

Thanks-- from my heart-- and please keep those kind and good thoughts headed our way.

In gratitude, Neil

UPDATE 5/15/23
May 16, 2023
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I want to thank everyone who has donated in support of Neil. Thanks to all of you we were able to pay the first round of fees totaling $15,000. We are so grateful for your support and I will continue to keep you updated on Neil’s progress. 

Love & Kindness - Terrilyn Hagerty

Fundraiser Update
May 7, 2023
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I wanted to update everyone on the status of the fundraiser. I was able to receive $21,700 from the GFM campaign even with 238 donations being refunded. I am adjusting the goal to $28,300 for our current campaign to reflect the funds received from the GFM campaign. Thank you so much to everyone for your support. 

Additionally, we want to offer you all the opportunity to take part in a letter writing campaign for Neil. The request is for anyone interested to send a note about Neil’s character, how his music and art has impacted you or just a note to send well wishes and good thoughts. You can send a message via email or snail mail. 


  • Subject: C/O Neil Hagerty

Mailing Address: 

David M. Beller

c/o Neil Hagerty

1600 Stout Street, Suite 1400

Denver, CO 80202


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