The NMV Bible Project Foundation exists to continue developing the unique Bible Translation that has excited millions worldwide. 

Phase 1: COMPLETED in 2018, making the 1st Edition NMV Bible available online for free via YouVersion app,, Also made available for purchase on and the through the American Bible Society. 

Phase 2: NOW: will raise $5 Million to complete the translation. In Phase 2, we will partner with dozens of Bible translators to more accurately express Jewish worldview cultural nuances of language into the English translation. Things such as colloquialisms, Jewish-isms, jokes, poetic expressions will be more clearly understood by the reader. Additional work will be done to highlight the examples of Jesus-as-the-Word appearing and interacting with people in the Old Testament, as alluded to in his "Road to Emmaus" discourse in the New Testament. Readability improvements in both the physical and online editions. Online editions will be expanded to include all major apps and services. 

Phase 2 will end with the firing up of a traditional Bible printing press to produce the first 1000 copies of the leather bound, red letter edition of the NMV Bible (estimated startup cost of the printer is $40,000).

Phase 3 will begin the process of the creating NMV Bible versions in First Nations Languages in North America along with our Turtle Island & international translation partners.