G’day G’day!


Another grandiose and beautiful month in such a loveable and picturesque country! The weather has chilled us to the core, which is a refreshing change for some (This time of year usually builds to be the hottest), whilst rather concerning for others (effects on crops and wotnot).


Rafael, my champion son, made it safely to Australia and is STILL in quarantine with his darling although probably very bored grandmother. Thank you everyone for praying for his travels and future (And her sanity)! The lad is OFF to university in Brisbane and is going to achieve BRILLIANCE!


Our Love Thy Neighbour program in Managua is simply GOING OFF! Today we deliver a BRAND NEW WHEELCHAIR (Thank you New Jersey) to a fella in our community who recently had a stroke. We’ve prayed for him and are believing for his healing, but in the meantime he is completely unable to get about. The man has stuff to do! This is a massive blessing for him and his family. So good.


This month we would also like to give bikes to (mostly) girls and female teens in our community. If you want to get behind a bunch of radical and passionate young men actively seeking to Love Thy Neighbour by loving them through meeting physical needs, please pray for us and give to this worthy cause.


The Nicavangelists Troupe led by Eliezer. We’re growing both physically and spiritually. We’ve dunked 9 lads this week (Baptisms) and plan on dunking several more in the next few days. Exciting!


Over the last few years my heart has been growing for the poorer areas of Nicaragua, the parts of this great nation which mostly contain black and Indigenous Nicaraguans. We’re on the move…


For years Mestizos (Folks of European and native American descent) have constituted the make-up of our troupe as we’ve travelled on outreach abroad. We’ve departed our home comforts to share about our hope, to showcase our talent, and to educate foreigners on the plight of the Miskito people predominantly through folkdance. Nothing has changed in terms of outreach activities. However, we feel strongly that our troupe MUST better reflect the various races of Nicaragua.


For these reasons, we plan on travelling to Bluefields, a remote and much poorer city on Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast, to share our hope and talent, but also to recruit black Nicaraguans for our troupe so that they can travel with us to personally share about their culture.


Please pray for this venture, and give if you are able. We will be travelling during Semana Santa (Easter) on a rented bus (cheaper) and sleeping/eating the Lord only knows where/what. We’re thrilled to be “going on outreach” in Nicaragua. This will be a VERY FIRST for us.


The Nicavangelitos Kids Club led by Lorenzy-Ella is also growing and we’re excited about the developments in this program. We have more kids attending, and continue to develop curriculum for teaching English, dance, Tricking, martial arts, play, etc. We are incorporating these youngsters into our bright nights, to read the Bible in English, dance, etc. We urgently need a trampoline for our BELOVED Tricking classes. Please believe with us for this need and give if you’re keen.


Mixhel Fox has led many Street Tricking School events over the last couple of months, which has been wonderful. However, we need to better develop our leadership team and the quality of instruction. We would like to introduce Bible devotions (Which will require Eliezeer, Lorenzy-Ella and Mixhel Fox, to travel to our schools on the other side of Managua), purchase a new trampoline and hold leadership training sessions.


Bright nights, coordinated by Shamyr, are a wonderful outreach to our Managuan barrios. Each Friday we’ve fed our guests hotdogs, sung praises to God and worshipped him, shared our testimonies and Bible stories through drama, prayed together and had a BUNCH of fun in the pool and on the soccer (football) pitch. We’d like to buy actual set of soccer goalposts. Please believe with us for this need also, and again, give if you feel.


May a mountain of blessings fall upon you and yours today!



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