Please Pay-it-forward by donating a set for a Brave Hero
Someone you know, or we have many Warriors that would love to get this gift!

 Let the healing begin...
Our world has shown us recently that change is needed, and that time is now!

Soulful Rosie was inspired to launch this Smart Mug-of-Love campaign when she was made privy to the incredible fact that 4 out of 10 people are suffering from some sort of depression, stress, worry, PTSD, and the list goes on. The condition and state of our Mental health as a society is knocking on the door, seeking for positive change and answers!

Rosie has been dedicated to Veterans and Warriors for almost two decades, and the statistics surrounding our heroes is very grime right now. They need our support NOW!

She saw a vision of people coming together through this simple, but profound common utility of using a coffee mug. The Smart Mug-of-Love will share the trivia and vital facts needed to bring awareness about the state of our warriors and their families throughout our great land. People need to realize the suicide epidemic, PTSD, substance abuse, along with a plethora of conditions are haunting our lives here in the U.S. Case in point and most importantly...How can we start addressing these horrendous facts and take action?

When you purchase the Mug set of (2), one for daily use to remind you to send love to our heroes every day, and the second mug will be a commemorative, collector's item that is numbered. This 'Holiday 'Series' will be limited to only 500 mugs. The second of the series will be released in February for Valentine's Day (Heart-love month.) You can reserve those if you would like to be sure to get one before they sell out.

The mugs help move the PR/Marketing campaign forward. The trivia/facts about our warriors will be put in each mug, similar to the fortune cookie. This can bring awareness to citizens everywhere.

Soulful Rosie will be announcing a winner each week on her podcast, as she picks one of the trivia questions that was sent out to someone who purchased the mug. If you're listening to the podcast, and respond to her email, she will award you with a prize. Each week one winner will be announced on her Tuesday Podcast series. 

Sponsors will be able to join the Mug-of-love campaign as their company can offer  coupons or promos made available in the mugs and on the website. As well as promoted on Rosie's podcast series. 

Make a difference, pay it forward by joining her Smart Mug-of-Love Campaign to help move this mission forward.

Once we can identify a problem, we can solve it. And together, as a society that cares for our heroes! To date, our Treat Now Coalition has restored the brains of over 20,000 veterans, first responders and athletes with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Let's keep this going. There is more proven advanced health sciences to share. 

For more information about this Love Campaign and crusade, please email us at

God Bless you!