To know Mrs Burleson is to know love and perseverance, strength and determination. If you or your children have participated in her Dojo, you know how much love, time, and energy she pours into her students. She cares about their physical abilities and focus, but she cares just as deeply if not more so for their spiritual well being. She uses her Dojo to care for her students in a way that shows them the love of Christ. 

Well, now it's our turn to do the same for her. Mrs. Burleson was recently involved in a serious auto accident and by a miracle from the Lord she walked away with only minor bruising. However due to the accident her vehicle was totaled and there is not insurance or funds to obtain another vehicle. We would like to come together as a community of family, students, and friends to contribute towards a new vehicle so that she can attend various Karate tournaments and go about town as needed. Anything you can give is helpful. There is no amount that is too small. Please pray for the efforts of this fundraiser that we might be able to bless Mrs. Burleson this Christmas season. 

-Luke & Saleta Lawrence