This mission started a long time ago back when I was a teen and nursing student. Interning in the hospital setting, I witnessed both medical tyranny, and also true healers' curing "incurable" illnesses again, and again.

Thinking I could make a difference and not knowing that the problems in our health system were systemic, I stayed for a few decades back then working in the Western medicine system incessantly as a bedside advocate/activist for vibrant health, truth/disclosure, health freedoms, and patient rights.

Fast-forward to 2007, the evil medical tyranny I fought against my whole life was about to get superpowers and be transformed into BigPharma and BigMedicine (by then, I had long since transitioned my career focus out of the clinical setting). 

My advocacy mission picked up momentum thanks to social media platforms and people sharing the message. I advocated for unalienable rights, to keep ICAAN in the uSA, against Smith-Mundt, against fascistic censorship and suppression of medical cures, against the weaponization of the healthcare system via ACA overreach into patient's private lives, to name a few.

Needless to say, when one is willing to be ‘over the target,’ there can be a heavy price to pay for being passionate and effective.  This included loss of livelihood, loss of wealth, loss of access to support networks (e.g., deplatforming, shadow-banning, delistings, suppression of content, suspension of payment processing,etc). 

This Mission of Love just keeps going though, regardless of the worldly setbacks and distractions.


* health expenses

 * overhead costs (utilities, home office expenses, etc)

* basic necessities (e.g., food, clothing)

* street mission work (transportation costs, educational costs, etc)

* expansion of Mission

~~~~~WHAT IS THE MISSION OF LOVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kindly and lovingly welcoming people to the 'Great Awakening' by promoting the truth/facts/law.

Inspire men and women, sons and daughters (via live events, online education, social media/platforms, etc).

Help people become unslaved from the system (for those serving another master such as 'The System,' etc)

Spread the message of the Gospel (God's law)

Thanks for your gift via this platform. Enjoy and celebrate as our strength and reach just keeps growing and expanding. Mission of Love is here to circulate truth, love, and kindness, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Thanks again for your support!

Matthew 6:9-13

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