For several years Frontline Fellowship has been praying over acquiring a farm. We have investigated some remarkable farm options which appear to meet most of our needs. With the increasing demands for back to basics type Christian boot camps and missionary and discipleship courses, this Self-supporting agricultural community/Livingstone Farm would be an ideal venue for Wilderness Bush Camps, Leadership Training Courses, Youth Camps, School and Church Camps, Missionary Training programmes, Biblical Worldview Seminars and Summits, Great Commission Courses and Security and Survival Training programmes. This farm is in a remote and mountainous region with a large number of baboons and some leopards. Numerous of our Missionaries and staff have explored the well-watered area and were in agreement that this is the most suitable place that we have yet found to establish Livingstone Farm. Our Board has thoroughly discussed and adopted the project.

 “The harvest truly is plentiful but the workers of few” Matthew 9:37

There are so many needs which urgently need to be filled; there are valiant missionaries who are in dire need of assistance; there are mission stations and mission hospitals that are critically understaffed; there are villagers dying without Christ; in much of North Africa, the insidious advance of Islam is left un-contested; there are Christians suffering persecution with no support and encouragement; there is a desperate and critical shortage of workers in the “harvest field”.

It is our desire to enlist, inspire, train, and deploy missionaries to be of useful service in the “harvest field” where there are such urgent and relentless needs. Called, committed and competent missionary candidates have such potential to, if trained properly, be of unimaginable help to fulfill and alleviate some of the pressing needs in the field.

This Mission Farm Project will enormously help us to effectively train an army of Missionaries. Frontline Fellowship has a Missionary Training Program (MTP) that is offered to interested, eager, and serious applicants. It is our desire to make this MTP the best and most effective Missionary Training Program available.

Mobilise to Evangelise Africa

In order to expand the Missions capabilities and impact, we are convinced that acquiring and developing this Mission farm will enable us to develop the most effective, hands-on, practical training facilities for the Missionaries needed to reclaim Africa for Christ. The needs are urgent, the opportunities unprecedented, yet the labourers are all too few. The only way that we will be able to respond to the overwhelming demands and requests to serve suffering Christians throughout Africa, is to recruit and train an army of Mission workers. Livingstone Farm will be the Missionary Training Centre that we pray will prepare and mobilise the kind of Missionaries that Andrew Murray mobilised through the Africa Institute, following the 1860 Revival. We are now trusting the Lord for the finances needed in order to go forward with this strategic project.

Estimated cost for purchase of farm and equipment necessary: R8 million