UPDATE: November 2023

As of October 10, 2023 all charges against Mr. James Renner have been dropped in cooperation with the AG office.  As such Mr. Renner will no longer receive any additional funds raised by this account.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) has charged16 Republican Electors with political crimes in connection with the controversial 2020 Presidential election.  In fact Nessel has clearly stated the electors are GUILTY before they have had their day in court.   Make no mistake, this is persecution not prosecution.  

The defendants, acting on evidence that the election in their State had been stolen after the unlikely early morning spike in votes for Joe Biden, submitted by the hard deadline alternative electors on behalf of President Trump to the Electoral College. Nessel would like us to believe that the electors had "no reason" to believe that the election was anything but "the most secure election in history".

Yet she herself was fully aware that in OCTOBER, a month before the election THOUSANDS of falsified AV registrations had been submitted in the small city of Muskegon, MI.  Nessel's office was called into the investigation, where it was discovered by the MI State Police that a statewide ballot harvesting operation was in operation. Nessel's office turned the investigation over to the FBI as there was evidence that multiple states were involved.  The FBI sent the investigation to their "black hole". Read the story here.

Alternate electors is the exact same tactic that Democrats attempted in the 2016 election and is the exact same tactic they promoted as a contingency in case they lost in 2020. As with the "classified documents" charges  against President Trump, no Democrats were charged and it wasn't considered a crime until Republicans did the same thing.

The 16 electors are charged with:

    Two counts of Forgery, a 14-year felony,
    One count of Conspiracy to Commit Uttering and Publishing, a 14-year felony,
    One count of Uttering and Publishing, a 14-year felony,
    One count of Conspiracy to Commit Election Law Forgery, a 5-year felony, and
    Two counts of Election Law Forgery, a 5-year felony.

Radical Attorney General Nessel has a history of using her office to silence political opposition. In 2020 she threatened to prosecute an independent journalist for reporting on #DetroitLeaks, which were a series of undercover recordings that captured partisan activity during Detroit poll worker training.

These 16 electors are everyday Americans, all but one is a senior citizen. They love their country and are being targeted by their Democrat AG because they dared to support President Trump. To Dana Nessel, they are guilty of the crime of being effective political opposition.

This is NOT just about financially bankrupting these 16 electors.  It is about silencing all of us.  We must stop this lawfare now or we will all be next!

Without your support, these 16 patriots could spend years in prison while hardened criminals walk the streets. Please donate to their legal defense now and stand against Communist subversion of the law!
Thank you for your generosity!

Update:  Elector