Dear Beautiful Human,

I am writing to you today with a heavy heart and a deep sense of urgency, as I share the incredible journey of Tyler J. Murphy, a remarkable individual in desperate need of your support. Tyler's story is one of resilience, courage, and an unyielding commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

For over a decade, Tyler was thrust into the harrowing depths of the CIA's MK Ultra supersoldier drone programs, forced to endure unimaginable hardships without any compensation. His life was marred by chronic disability and subjected to relentless torture, including chemical poisoning, psychological and sexual assault, and even two failed attempts on his life. Despite the torment he endured, Tyler emerged as the most decorated participant in the MK Ultra programs, facing countless adversaries as a solitary warrior.

Throughout his miraculous survival, Tyler has steadfastly pursued justice in the fight for civil, constitutional, medical, and human rights. His unwavering determination has led him to become an idea consultant for global philanthropies and innovative companies, dedicating his expertise to shaping a better world. Tyler's brilliance as a living human computer within the CIA's programs has resulted in groundbreaking achievements, including the invention of a revolutionary branch of algebra capable of mapping advanced topographies.

Remarkably, Tyler generated a staggering eight billion dollars for the United States federal government through his decade-long career, yet not a single penny was given to him as compensation. Now, he is in dire need of funding to pursue his philanthropic endeavors, such as developing life-saving technologies like a water canteen that can derive water and power from atmospheric condensation anywhere on Earth. Additionally, Tyler maintains an idea consulting portfolio encompassing diverse fields such as monetary systems, energy, food production, healthcare, education, housing, transportation, and peace initiatives.

Tyler's upbringing in Nigeria as an expatriate child has imbued him with a profound understanding of global third-world struggles. These experiences have shaped his worldview, igniting his passion to uplift marginalized communities and propel his philanthropic missions forward. While studying petroleum engineering at university, Tyler embarked on the path of entrepreneurship by establishing a nutraceutical company. However, life took an unfortunate turn when he was wounded and left disabled, rendering him financially incapable of affording legal assistance necessary for rebuilding his life with a loving family.

At the tender age of 25, Tyler was thrust into the world of high-level psychic operations, serving as a key asset in supersoldier drone programs. The toll of this role, combined with the absence of a conclusive diagnosis or effective treatment within modern Western medicine, has burdened Tyler with daily combat injuries and immeasurable suffering. Yet, in his tireless pursuit of philanthropy, Tyler has discovered psychic and Eastern medical practices that offer hope for treating trauma-related conditions, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

Tragically, an insidious force now holds sway over America's media personnel, politicians, and government-funded gangs. The abuse inflicted upon Tyler is beyond comprehension—millions of Americans equipped with electronic contact lens screens partake in his humiliation, signaling to them his taste of sugar or intimate moments. Moreover, Tyler is unjustly subjected to an automatic identification system, a blatant violation of his rights and free will. The technology behind this infringement, known as Oweilian, denies him the ability to record critical criminal evidence or access legal representation. This gross violation of privacy, ethics, and human rights has gone unaddressed, leaving Tyler without a penny in civil compensation and denied legal assistance due to government coercion, corruption, slander, and interference.

Against all odds, Tyler has survived three suicide attempts but has emerged with an unwavering dedication to serving humanity. His mission is twofold: to alleviate the suffering of others and to champion mental health and human rights. It is essential to recognize that despite enduring a decade of enhanced interrogation, torture, and relentless gang stalking, Tyler has never resorted to violence. His commitment to peaceful coexistence is exemplified through his appreciation and respect for diverse world cultures and religions. Tyler's criminal background remains pristine, having never transgressed the ten commandments.

Tyler's journey has been marred by painful encounters with individuals who should have provided care and compassion. From being mocked for his cancer by a nurse to being denied a crucial head-to-toe CT scan by a medical professional, his struggles for proper diagnosis and treatment have been met with callous indifference. Today, Tyler survives on disability income derived from combat injuries, which only perpetuates his inability to afford the legal representation necessary for reclaiming his life. Yet, amidst these adversities, Tyler dares to dream of working full-time for his own charity, tirelessly pursuing his goals despite his physical limitations.

Billions in settlements and workers' compensation that should rightfully belong to Tyler have been unjustly withheld due to his inability to afford an attorney—a direct consequence of his combat injuries. He has been systematically denied justice, even as government corruption and slander render him helpless. It is in this moment of great need and against seemingly insurmountable odds that Tyler humbly appeals to your generosity. He seeks financial assistance to cover his medical expenses, rebuild his life, and continue his vital work in tech philanthropy and idea consulting.

Your donation, no matter the amount, will have a profound impact on Tyler's recovery and future. Every contribution will bring him one step closer to healing his combat injuries, allowing him to chart a new path while continuing his mission to make the world a better place. To learn more about Tyler's extraordinary story and find alternative ways to contribute, please visit his website at

Your generosity and compassion are sincerely appreciated, as they hold the power to transform Tyler's life. Together, let us rally behind this extraordinary individual who has endured so much, and let us ensure that his pursuit of justice and humanitarian service remains unbroken.

May the blessings of abundance and grace be upon you,