From JBS XO.

The truth can not be found on TV. 

The past few days have highlighted with stark clarity that truth is an endangered species and no Corporate Disinformation Outlet (CDOs, euphemistically called "mainstream news" ) will deviate from the current regime's lies.

The abandonment of Americans and our allies to the Taliban, the active role the government played in refusing to let Americans in aircraft leave Afghanistan for safety because of politics, the treatment of women and children, and especially the child brides, essentially under age sex trafficking of minors, being facilitated by the State Department on US Military bases where the first wave of Afghan refugees was sent.

Meanwhile the Afghans that allied with the US were left in Afghanistan to fend for themselves. 

Michael has decided to go to get the ground truth in Afghanistan and surrounding areas. Michael stands the best chance of mission success in the region due to his strong background in the country. His commitment to truth is unwavering.

Despite the danger from the Taliban and their Axis partner China who have fully committed to " rebuilding Afghanistan,

But to commit to this mission, investigate on the ground, and successfully operate requires logistical support of a magnitude above his previous missions.

Bring the truth back home to America and our allies.  Please support Michael in any way you can.

Michael's works.can be found on Locals and his blogspot.

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