Hello Friends and Family,
        I graduated high school in December 2022. I am now working at a local restaurant earning money to put towards attending a gap year program this fall. I will be attending OneLife Institute!

        OneLife is a 9-month Christian gap year program based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was started 10 years ago, and they now have 4 locations!

        I will be attending the Lode Star Mountain Inn location in Upper Tract, West Virginia. The Lode Star Mountain Inn was started to serve veterans, pastors, and first responders. Serving those who serve our country and others is something very important to me. It is one of the reasons I choose that location.

        OneLife’s three student outcomes are to grow in Christian character, clarify your calling, and develop relational wisdom: things our world desperately needs! OneLife doesn’t just stay inside the classroom, although they do invite great speakers into the classroom, they emphasize experiential learning and have international and domestic travel built into their curriculum. Students are also required to log a certain number of service hours within their community. And, I will get 30 college credits, which takes care of my entire freshman year!

        I am eager to share this update with you, but I would also like to give you the opportunity to participate personally, in this pivotal time in my life. There are several ways you can help out: First, a big way that you can partner with me is to help with some of the program cost. The program costs $24,500 before any other scholarships or financial aid. I have already received $12,000 in merit scholarships, grants, and the income I am earning by working, so I am hoping you can help me tackle the other $12,500. So, if you are willing to make a one-time, non-tax-deductible donation toward my experience at OneLife, by giving through my GiveSendGo page or you can give by check. Please make checks payable to “OneLifeInstitute,” write “Micah Wheatman” in the memo line, and mail to:
OneLife Institute 544 N. Penryn Rd. Manheim, PA 17545 OR you can give online by going to
https://donorbox.org/donate-to-onelife and select “Student Support” then put my name in the comment section.

        Second, please pray for me as I continue to navigate this significant season of my life!

        Third, if you would like to receive periodic updates from OneLife, check out OneLife’s website (onelifepath.org) and follow OneLife on social media! I am so confident in the effect OneLife will have on my life and countless other lives, that I also would appreciate you sharing this letter with anyone else you think would want to be a part of my journey in this way. Thank you in advance for your support. Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

With gratitude,

Micah Wheatman