Hi friends and family!

We have a surprise (but not really a surprise if you know Brittany Metcalfe)! We are excited to announce a much anticipated “YES” to the Lord. Something that the Metcalfes have been laboring over in prayer, bringing to trusted mentors and friends for wisdom, and most of all wrestled with the Lord over.

It’s hard to articulate the nuances of the journey the Lord has taken us through but one thing is clear to us, He is worthy of every “yes”. For us uniquely, we are convinced our “yes” looks like sharing who He is with those who may never otherwise get the opportunity if someone doesn’t go. We, therefore, feel called to go to where many people don’t have an opportunity to know him, namely nations that are commonly called unreached (less than 3% of the population identifies as Christian).

So, what is the surprise? We are taking our first step forward in what we believe will be a path to long-term missions. As a prerequisite to partnering with Iris Global, the organization we plan to work with, our family of five will be attending a training school located in Fortaleza, Brazil.

The school itself has a cost of $10,000 which is due March 1st. We have a very short deadline but feel the Lord calling us to take a step of radical faith, believing He will provide for every detail as we choose to give Him our YES.

Our ask for anyone seeing this is to partner with us in what we believe God has called us to do. The Bible says that we can’t call on Him if we don’t believe, we can’t believe if we don’t hear, we can’t hear unless it is proclaimed, and we cannot proclaim unless we are sent. We are asking for partners to help send us financially, send us in prayer, and send us in encouragement as we step into joyful surrender and obedience.

May the Lamb Receive the Reward of His Sufferings.

With all our love,

The Metcalfes

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