For the past 10 years, I have been blessed to own a reknowned medical device used in Japan, Europe and Asia to treat all sorts of medical issues. In the United States, it’s used for better health, sleep, energy and overall wellness. It’s an amazing device called a Kangen Water Ionizer, but it comes with a price….$4,200 plus approximately $300 for the pre filter that needs to be installed with it.

This isn’t a lot to pay for the surety of good health and wellness, however, for some people, it’s the world and NOT affordable. 

Last year, I met the most wonderful family who I had known via text and phone calls for a few months, and got the chance to meet and know face to face. They touched my heart because of all the medical issues their family has had to endure just to survive daily and I grew to love them dearly.

The father (and sole financial supporter) has a serious heart condition which limits his hours to work. His kind and loving wife is battling Cancer….a cancer which is costing this family almost $13,000 a month for chemo, with only some of that being covered by insurance. She also cannot work at this time.They have a kind and loving 38 year old son with a beautiful and innocent personality who has challenges and needs this water terribly as well. They have a 40 year old daughter who has already had open heart surgery of which her doctors had accidentally implanted an “animal valve” in her instead of a human one and she is suffering major health issues due to this. She can’t work a job either.

Four of these family members live in the same house and are totally dependent upon their father earning a living and being the sole bread winner of the family.

When I heard of how severe their health issues were, I flew to their home in Ohio last year and took my Kangen machine with me to see if it would make a difference in any of their conditions. Well, much to my excitement (but NOT to my surprise), they started feeling and seeing differences in their conditions as soon as the first day. They all had more energy, slept better and even some of their pain was lessened just hours after drinking this special water.

They all agreed that they needed and wanted this machine to give them a better chance at life, but there is no way they can afford to buy one. I also told them about the home based business that comes with a purchase that would enable them to make some additional income on the side just by sharing free water to their friends and family members. I felt this would help them with their current monthly expenses. I then offered them our in house payment plan and was even going to give them the down payment to get one, but after reviewing their finances, they said there was no way they could make the $150 per month payment for 24 months.

The donations started coming in but I didn’t want to wait any longer to order the machine and pre filters, so I put the total cost on my credit card so they could get the machine right away. They have been enjoying the machine immensely and seen great results with it.

I was hoping some members of this family might have been able to share water with people in order to sell some machines to pay this off, but due to their ongoing health issues, they were not able to. That being said, I am now reaching out again here to get more donations to pay off the high interest credit card that I put the machine and pre filters on initially.

If you can donate anything, it would be much appreciated and this family wanted me to thank all of you that have donated something thus far.