Ciao from Italy!

The end of the year marks a last chance for a tax-deduction donation & to make an impact this giving season. Will you please consider a year end donation?

Our projects and your impact on this ministry for the upcoming year:
- Wild at Heart Book translated into Italian and published
- Womans Wardrobe Ministry
- Men's Nights
- Shipping container for event space
- Second Auto
- Monthly Giving Needs

Jesus has invited us into a ministry modeled like his - Go and Tell and be A Ministry of With. Umbria is called “The Green Heart of Italy;” if the heart is healthy so will be the body.  As we go in His name, the heart is being made whole and pumping new life throughout Italy. 

It’s staggering to know that only 1% of Italians have a relationship with Jesus. In our region, that number drops to: 0.1%. There are more people who know Jesus in China (6%), Iran (.9%) and in parts of the 10/40 window than Italy.

Thank you very much for your gift! God will do much with your yes and we pray he blesses you for blessing Him. We pray for clarity and direction on how you may give. (1 Peter 4:10). 

We are looking for full time partners to share in the blessing, the reward and the ministry here in Italy. Please send me an email and we would love to have a short talk with you and share our calling.

Thank you!
Matthew & Anna
Love God, Be Free, Walk with Him, Love Others 

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