Mathew Armas Scholarship Fund

Campaign Created by: Allison Armas

Goal: USD $13,000
Raised: USD $ 13,420

This scholarship fund honors the bright and driven spirit of Mathew Armas. On June 12, 2022, Mathew passed away suddenly due to cardiac arrest. His passing was an unexpected tragedy and his family and friends will forever miss him and hold him dearly in their hearts. For 27 years, Mathew was a source of laughter and joy for so many. In reflecting on his life, one of the major things his loved ones fondly remember is his love of education, student organizations, and career development. From a young age, he excelled in school and thoroughly enjoyed being involved in volleyball, student government, and many other student groups. He was voted “Most Likely to Succeed”, which perfectly encompassed who he was. Mathew pursued each and every activity and goal with his whole heart, which was equally evident in college as Mathew completed his undergraduate education at the University of Florida in 3 years with an eagerness to begin his professional journey. During his college career, he even obtained his real estate license. Mathew was always a shining example of how hard work pays off, and how one’s passion can infectiously encourage and motivate others to pursue their own passions. It is the dream for Mathew’s family that they may be able to support well-rounded, goal-oriented high school students through scholarships that will help fund their pursuit of success. 

A foundation will soon be created in his name and your donations will kickstart this beautiful legacy. Thank you for contributing and supporting the future scholarship recipients as he cheers them on from up above. 


Merry Christmas from the Armas Family
December 30, 2022
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May the Peace and Love of Christ reign in your hearts this Christmas, just as our beloved Mathew will always remain in ours.

We want to express our gratitude to all our friends and relatives who have shared their love, support, sweet memories, cards, and prayers. Thank you for helping keep Mathew's legacy and smile alive. The Lord has revealed beautiful gifts in the midst of a hard year.

We are hopeful of the future and wish you a joyous Christmas season and Happy New Year surrounded by your loved ones.

Love- the Armas Family

PS: We are still in the process of formally creating a foundation and will provide an update once details are available. Again, thank you so much for your donations and prayers.


  • Mathew’s family and friends
  • The lives of those that will be impacted by this scholarship fund
  • That God uses the funds in a way that is purely pleasing to Him