Mason Joel Courson

My son Mason Courson, like many, went to Washington D.C. on Jan 6, 2021, to stand and listen to his President speak, with no ill intent at all. Unfortunately, as with many other individuals that day, he found himself in a situation he never imagined. He is currently being held without bond and has lost his ability to support his 2 year old son that he had 15 days a month. He is man with a strong Christian faith, an incredible father, son, and brother, and loves his country, believes in freedom, a true patriot as we are all now called. I am also trying to maintain all his financial obligations to date, since we have no idea what his outcome will be. His legal fees are not yet paid fully and I am struggling to maintain it all. Any help that can be given to put towards this would be so greatly appreciated and never forgotten. My intention, once his case is settled and he is home, is to return any blessings I receive, and  provide whatever assistance I can to other families in similar situations. Prayers daily for all of those affected by this terrible situation as my family has been. God Bless.

Any letters of encouragement that you can send to Mason in Northern Neck are appreciated. 

Mason Joel Courson

c/o Northern Neck Regional Jail

PO BOX 1060

Warsaw, VA 22572

Its important to try and maintain the moral of all these individuals that have been seperated from their families while awaiting trial. Thank you again!


May 1 Update
May 1, 2022
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Nothing much to really update as most of you that would be reading this are fully aware of by now with everything that’s happening to these men and women. It’s a long, dragged out, injustice. Mason has a status hearing on May 26th as his last one on April 7th was cancelled. I will update at that time again. Mason is still at Northern Neck and although conditions are far from ideal has met some fellow J6’ers who he has formed a bond with. We are doing everything we can for him and as much as we can for others. He hopefully can continue to lead with his faith in there and help his fellow brothers. Thank you for reading, donating, and praying. I am personally reaching out to everyone. We all need to support one another. God bless. Prayers and love! 


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