If you know my Aunt Angel and Uncle Mark, you must be aware by now that they are private people who do not like to ask for help. What can I say, they are Alaskans after all!

Over the years, Uncle Mark has been guiding, trapping and commercial fishing; being an independent outdoorsman is part of his DNA.

However, everything suddenly changed a few weeks ago. On his birthday, Uncle Mark was rushed to the hospital in Fairbanks, Alaska. He had a stroke. There was a 24-hour window to medevac him to Providence hospital in Anchorage where he remained in critical care for the next eight days. The doctors performed a lot of tests, and it was determined that he will now need open heart surgery to replace his mitral valve and remove part of his heart muscle. He has (HCM) hypertrophic obstructive myopathy.

He is healing now from the stroke and in several months he will have the surgery. After surgery, he will have to go through physical therapy and follow up appointments.

They could really use our support right now. If you can donate any amount to help with the medical bills that would be amazing! They could also use all the prayers and positive thoughts you can send right now!

Uncle Mark is strong and determined. They  both remain positive that he will make a full recovery.

Thank you,