My name is Marie. I want to start off by saying grandparents rock...when I was growing up me and my papa we were real close I lost him 14 years ago pancreatic cancer and cirrhosis of the liver when my papa passed away before he took his last breath in my face before  he had me promise 2 take care of my grandma( ,91yrs old ,) And I did but my family (  you know the ones that want the money but don't do nothing but take the credit) kept interfering . so then I kissed my grandma told her I loved her & if she needed me call me & I'd be there. and now my Grandma needs me she has dementia Sundowners and she wants to stay at home and wants me to come take care of her I need help moving home I'd rearrange the world for her and she wants to be at home I'll talk to her every night and she ask me to come get her over - over. it breaks my heart and I feel like if I don't go take care of her and keep her home then I'm not keeping my promise to my papa please help me keep it thank you God bless