On Friday, July 1, Victoria Marckx was at her home in Manitoba, CA with 4 young children in her care, when a home invasion occurred. A man aggressively broke into their home with full sight of her standing right beyond the glass doors in her kitchen. There was a physical struggle and Victoria was brutally assaulted while these precious children hid in terror in their bedroom. Her husband was away on a work assignment. She fought bravely to keep the intruder away from the children. Miraculously, she survived the beating her attacker imposed against her with her own frying pan. She has however suffered much physical and emotional trauma. Additionally, the glass panes in the double doors need to also be replaced as they were damaged when the intruder made entry into the home. Further, the children in her care and her husband are also in need of counsel, along with Victoria. Her husband has also had to discontinue working while he cares for Victoria as her injuries prevent her from doing many daily tasks. She has a severely broken left hand, a concussion, dizziness, and lots of lacerations that required sutures, staples, and other medical care, and that need for care will continue for the immediate future. The goal amount we are raising is to go to the replacement of the damaged panes of glass, and prayerfully if enough funds are raised, they can get RockGlass which will hopefully help protect against a similar invasion in the future and give the family much needed peace of mind after such an event. It will also go toward trauma counseling for the entire household. Please. consider blessing the Marckx family in your mercy, as they have also been of the giving end of many blessings before.