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For those of you who know my mom, you know that she’s constantly thinking of how she can be in service to those around her, and that she is a hard worker. For those of you who may not know her, allow me to introduce you to my mother, Jennifer. My mom has always worked with children, both in institutions and in her own home daycare, to whom she has given all of her time and energy since the birth of myself and my younger brother, providing a loving and nurturing environment to learn and grow up in.

God designing her this way has been a great blessing to our family, but unfortunately my mother’s deep care for the needs and wants of others would cause her to often muscle through her own problems if it meant help came to someone sooner.

Last week, March 8th, my mother suffered a hemorrhagic stroke the morning of arriving to Nevada to attend her niece’s wedding. 

She was rushed to the closest ER in Winchester, NV and later put into the ICU. After a long day of silence and trying to find information regarding her condition, we were finally able to learn that she had a small brain bleed, which caused a deficit on the entire right side of her body. The doctors estimate that the stroke was likely caused by elevated blood pressure, especially after a flight and other outside stress rising factors in my mom’s personal life. 

What started out as a wedding celebration, unfortunately turned into a week + of my mother being cooped up in a hospital, missing the wedding of her niece, and having to rebuild her strength to walk and grip properly with her right hand. Thankfully my mom has gotten past the worst of it and is now in the recovery stage of her stay at the hospital, improving enough to be moved out of the ICU to a step down unit.

Much like anyone would, she has ups and downs during physical therapy, struggling with frustration and exhaustion as she tries to navigate through this recovery process while being stuck across the country without friends or family currently present to be a support unit. The doctors have not cleared her to fly or be driven home at this time, and let us know she will likely be there for a couple more weeks before we can get her back home to complete the rest of her rehabilitation.

Unfortunately my family is now facing a financial hardship due to these unexpected medical bills, the loss of her regular income, as well as recently learning that my mom’s insurance will not cover the start of rehabilitation out of state, meaning we cannot get her proper rehabilitation care until she is medically cleared and able to come home.

This financial hardship weighing on my mother’s mind is really not ideal for her recovery because we want to keep her blood pressure in control with as little need for meds as possible, that way she can fully focus on recovering her health and strength so she can get back to doing what she loves confidently and independently.

I would greatly love to be able to take some of the financial pressure off my mother while she’s unable to earn an income for the coming months, as right now her focus and full time job needs to be her recovery.

Along with your prayers, if you are able to, please help me return some loving support and comfort to my mother and consider making a donation to help lessen the financial burden my family is now struggling with. Anything and everything helps, no amount is too small! I’m more than appreciative for all the support thus far, and want to thank you all so much for anything you are able to give.

May God bless you.


Update! Mom’s home!
March 21, 2023
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Thank you all again for your prayers! Mom made it home safely this morning with the help of airport staff to wheel her around in a wheelchair (My mom even said for her departure at LAX the wheelchair guy jogged with her to make it to her gate just in time 😂)

She was CRAVING real eggs for breakfast today so I took her out first thing after picking her up.

My mom is mobile enough to use a walker at this point, albeit slowly and steadily. She’s exhausted from the flight so she’s resting right now, preparing for the rehabilitation journey ahead🙏🏼

March 20, 2023
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Hi everyone, we as a family want to first of all thank you so much for all the love and support we have received from you!

Jen is improving daily, and although it seems slow, she may be cleared to fly home sometime this week! (Hopefully)🙏🏼

In the meantime my mom has asked me to request something from everyone I can, and that is to keep her new friend Lynzy in your prayers as well. Lynzy, a 28 year old mother of a 2 year old and wife, has stage 4 melanoma, and is starting a new chemo cycle soon. Throughout her painful time there, she still has been so sweet to try to bring light and joy to her family visiting and to my mom on rough days. I’m glad they were able to meet each other because they have helped each other get through some hard times, and looked out for each other when staff was caught up and busy elsewhere. Thank you all in advance for your prayers🙏🏼

Here’s a picture of the new friends together!😊


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