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Goal: USD $17,000
Raised: USD $ 5,500

     Help Sangeti pay for Medical School, Teach Women's Health Classes, and, support his family along the journey to accomplish these goals.  --  Sangeti's Life Mission: Grow Individual and Community Confidence, Health, and Hope within his Native Maasai communities.

Compassionate Donations Needed Now: $17,000 in U.S. Dollars by August 15, 2023.
Donations Needed for 2024-2027: $17,000 by May 1st annually.

Thank You for your generous consideration, prayers, and Tax Deductible donations.

     Sangeti continues this journey with the whole-hearted intent to Save the Native Maasai Tribal Communities in Tanzania, Africa. As an MD, he will accelerate his life of service to his people by taking Healthcare and Education directly to villagers in their remote locations. He has proven his dedication with documented positive resultsFrom August 2020 to the present, Sangeti facilitated Women's Health Education Classes that taught 450+ Maasai adolescents and young ladies life-changing practices and gifted them feminine hygiene products.

What is Maji Inc? How are donations managed? (See Update for detailed Explanation)

 What are Future Goals?

     Creating Medical Transportation Services, Mobile Health Clinics, and, God-willing, accessible Hospitals for Maasai communities are next after earning his medical degree. These rural village communities barely have food and water, no transportation access, or money to pay for healthcare services. These are the objectives of Sangeti's Mission using his medical doctor's certification. 

Who is Sangeti?

     Sangeti Tayai Lengima (Christian name is Jackson) is a Native Maasai from Losimingory Village about 56 km south of the town of Monduli in the region of Arusha located in the northeastern part of the country of Tanzania which is in East Africa. Tanzania is home to two world-renowned attractions; the Serengeti Desert and Mount Kilimanjaro. The medical school location has a majestic view of Mount Kilimanjaro.

     Raised in a traditional Maasai culture, Sangeti first became a cow herder then, in his early teens, became a Morani; a Warrior. Lion hunts were one of many rituals and ceremonies that deepened his understanding of self as well as his Maasai heritage. Only those with impeccable grades are allowed to attend high school and Sangeti studied for six years at Makerere High School in Uganda.

     Craving more education and taking action to help his people, Sangeti volunteered as a Medical Translator for Maasai community dwellers for their hospital appointments. He translated medical information from English and Swahili into the local language of the Maasai (Maa). Most villagers speak only Maa. This experience ignited Sangeti's desire to become a medical doctor. He became the only person to date from his Maasai village who has attended a University. He graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Food Science and Technology from the University of Pretoria in South Africa in 2020.

Birth, Growth, and Costs of Ministry to Save the Maasai of Tanzania

  • Phase 1: This ministry was formally birthed from Sangeti's heart and Christian faith in August 2020 when he formed and registered The Afya Yako Muhimu Organization (AYMO), a non-profit NGO, to provide services in healthcare and education primarily to adolescents and young adult women. Teaming up with MAJI, an American non-profit that provided funding for Women's Education classes that now average $1,500 USD to facilitate each 50-student class, Sangeti facilitated 450+ female students to be enlightened in women's health and gained life-altering health practices to counter many traditional Maasai myths about womanhood and dangerous rituals. The young ladies are excited to gain knowledge that brings them hope, confidence, and greater health.
      >>> Your donations will allow AYMO to hold at least three (3) Women's Education Classes per year during his attendance at medical school. AYMO Teams of doctors, teachers, and school personnel will teach the classes in Sangeti's absence. Classes typically consist of 50 students each and provide feminine hygiene products to each student.

  • Phase 2: From November 2021 through late summer of 2022, Sangeti created and managed a 30-hectare farm (~74 acres) growing maize and beans - food staples in Tanzania. Employing Maasai workers almost exclusively, all those employed were fed regular meals and paid wages during the season according to Tanzanian standards. Dozens of families were in turn fed because of the earned wages. In addition, the harvest created food supplies that were distributed to many Maasai families in native villages within a few hours of Monduli.
  • Phase 3: The ministry's current phase began in the fall of 2022 when Sangeti began Medical School at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College in Moshi. He began Year 2 of his studies on July 1, 2023. Sangeti spends at least six days per week in school for ten months of the year.
      >>> Your donations will cover: 1) Tuition & Fees (including Community Health Outreach Field Work, Special Faculty Fees (students' required attendance at other schools), Elective Research Fees (Parasitology); 2) Books, Stationaries Costs, and Telephone/Data & Voice Costs (Required to participate in most school and class functions/activities); 3) Student Accommodations (Room rental, utilities, food, and food preparation costs); 4) Transport Costs (public transportation between home and school minimum of five times per school year); and, 5) Support to supplement and maintain Sangeti's family at home in Arusha.

Economic Conditions and Survival in Tanzania

     Magdalena is a skilled Nurse Anesthetist who also attended  Kilimanjaro Christian Medical  University College. She works at Mount Meru Hospital in Arusha. Her salary is $183/month ($2,196/annually). The salary is not enough to cover all the expenses to pay rent, utilities, medical bills for self and kids, babysitters, food and clothing, and transportation to and from work. Their family often goes days with only one small rudimentary meal per day.

    Sangeti struggled during his first year in medical school: his computer was broken in November thus he completed over two-thirds of the year's studies without that essential tool. Assignments require a computer and the school does not have "computer labs" or libraries with computers as do most Western schools. Sangeti also endured over three weeks with zero food to eat. Nonetheless, he successfully completed Year 1.

     The Tanzanian economy is nothing similar to that of Western countries. Professionals like doctors, attorneys, CPAs, etc., generally earn about $8,000/year, and few own cars. Jobs are virtually non-existent (including in professional fields) and Tanzania does not have assistance programs as do most Western countries. Many Maasai villagers die of hunger and disease as do many of their small herds of livestock that are the villagers' main source of food and income. 

Details about Future Goals will appear in updates added to this page. There will also be pictures and videos of people and their lives in Maasai Communities. Select the big, red, "Follow" button below to be notified of additions and updates to Sangeti's campaign.

YOUR Faith, Prayers, Commitment, and Generous Donations to Sangeti's Mission will provide more Life, Health, and Hope than imaginable.

YOU are Appreciated Immensely.

We give thanks that God's Blessings will always exist in your life and Pray you experience Joy growing from your kindhearted generosity.


Your Donations are Tax Deductible. What is Maji, Inc? How are donations managed?
August 2, 2023
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ALL donations to this campaign are Tax Deductible in the U.S.A. when made directly to this campaign.

     Please consider covering payment processing fees (2.7% + $0.30 per donation) to assure Sangeti gets the full benefit you intend with your already generous donation. The platform does not charge any fees though this campaign is donating 1% back to as they freely promote the goodwill and spirit of generous, Biblical giving of all users on the site.

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     Maji, Inc is an American non-profit created to give a hand-up to rural Maasai villages in Tanzania. The Swahili word "Maji" translates to "Water". Building water resource projects within the villages and facilitating greater education for Maasai villagers are the primary goals of Maji's mission.

Path Your Donations Will Follow

     Your kindhearted donations go to GiveSendGo which distributes funds to Maji. Maji's board of directors coordinates with AYMO's board of directors (Sangeti's non-profit that is described elsewhere in this presentation) to distribute funds to AYMO to pay expenses (listed in the main presentation) according to the approved budget. Funds remain in the U.S.A. until both boards agree it is appropriately needed in Tanzania.

     When you bless Sangeti with donations that exceed goals for a stated time frame, they are held in Maji's bank account until distributed for the next occurring expense(s).

     When you bless Sangeti with donations that exceed the stated goals through the year 2027, Maji will continue to manage and distribute funds according to budgets for Future Goals (as described elsewhere in this presentation). Future budget needs are anticipated to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars by the year 2029.

Consider Also Supporting Maji  in their Profound Mission

Jackie Metcalf, the founder of Maji, Inc., is the catalyst that facilitated parts of Sangeti's university education and made introductions of Rick Eldridge to Sangeti. Jackie is the blessing that activated Sangeti's initiative to attend medical school. Read Jackie's and Maji's exciting journey at the link below. Note that Maji's site operates best for viewing and donations via cellular browsers. 


  • Please Pray for Sangeti's vision, mission, and actions to Glorify God while giving a hand-up to the Maasai People.
  • Please Pray for donors to have their hearts softened in favor of prayerfully donating as guided.
  • Please Pray for God to move in HIS Grace, Mercy, and Abundance to Raise the Maasai People up in health and well-being.