Showering Julie with Love

Campaign Created by: Justine Dufault

The funds from this campaign will be received by Julie Tuinstra.

Goal: USD $20,000
Raised: USD $ 15,780

We started this page to allow all those who care about Jesus to extend thier love to Julie TuinstraJulie was diagnosed suddenly with a rare leukemia. As a single mom, Julie's family, 8 children and a grandson, depend on her daily and we would like to set her mind at ease by caring for all their needs, along with her own.

Her diagnosis is called MPAL- Mixed Phenotype Acute Leukemia. It requires a long and difficult treatment extended over 6+ months with the grand prize of a bone marrow transplant at the end. Julie will not be able to return to her job as a school nurse assistant until at least 2023. It will be easy for so many fears to creep in about provision and how she will be able to care well for her family while going through all of this. Our hope is in Jesus and that the Lord will continue to be her sustainer and provider during this difficult season. He is always faithful and good.

Julie feels so blessed by the outpouring of love. She REALLY appreciates everything, no matter how small you think it is, especially your prayers. Please keep it coming as the days and weeks roll on over the next year. 

Please continue to pray for Julie and her family. 

Thank you for checking out this care link for the family as well.


Update #2
December 3, 2022
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Quick update from Julie Tuinstra post transplant.

She's incredibly grateful for your prayers, love and support. She's extremely tired and in isolation for 0 WBC and paraflu at the hospital right now, so keep up the prayers. Doctors are saying she should turn the corner for recovery soon and this is the most difficult part.

If anyone is interested in supporting her and the family for Christmas, please visit her GiveInKind and GiveSendGo sites. There is a link to donate, sign up for support or a link to her Amazon wishlist.

Update #1 Finding our way
July 25, 2022
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Finding our way

Updated by Julie Tuinstra

I am overdue for an update. I want to start with a very hearty and heartfelt Thank you to everyone who has helped us in some way. I am blown away. Please know that your goodness and love to me and my family is what God is using to remind me that he is faithful and loves us. He has used you to keep me encouraged and help me get through each day. The texts, FaceTimes, cards, gifts, monetary gifts, and prayers have blessed me more than I will ever be able to express. Thank you for your financial support. It has helped to ease my anxiety about how I will make ends during this time. I am able to focus on my health and loving my kids during this difficult time. Thank you for signing up to help on the Give In Kind website. This has been tremendous! So many of you have signed up to help and even some of you have just surprised us with help. 

Again, I can’t express an appropriate Thank you! Surely I have seen the goodness of the Lord through all of this. It has made my momentary suffering a little easier. 

Here’s a little update on my health over the last 2 months. I have completed 2 cycles of my chemotherapy treatments. For the most part, I have responded well. I feel well, but I am quickly reminded that I have very little energy. With my low blood counts, I am at higher risk for infection. With that comes taking extra precautions which have been difficult since I am such a people person. We’ve gotten creative at home. I stay in my room a lot and I wear a mask when I interact with the family. We have to get creative with our modified family time. 

I meet with a bone marrow transplant team this week. I will participate in a clinical trail for treatment. I hope to start that soon. 

As I continue to look to the days, weeks, and months ahead, considering transplant and all that that entails and the new school year coming up, I anticipate that our needs will change again. Please check out the care calendar as we head into the fall.


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