- All donations made to this fund are tax-deductible - 

"We may not always personally know the neighbors we are to love, but we DO know that we are to love them." 

Our "Love Thy Neighbor" Campaign is set to help fund those emergency campaigns on the GiveSendGo platform with the extra finances they need to make their goals. Just like the parable of the Good Samaritan, the neighbors we are to love are often those we try to avoid. 

Crowdfunding has taken over the fundraising world with its new and easier approach to raising funds, but what happens when you don't have a crowd? There are many who find themselves in dire situations without the community or "crowd" around them to help them achieve their goals. This campaign is set up to help individuals and small community groups with the extra funds they need to "get the ball rolling". 

Prior to the multitude of social platforms, the kindness of strangers was a much more common idea, but with the rise of social media, it has become to easy to forget our biblical command to welcome in the stranger (Lev 19:33-34) and to love thy neighbor (Matt 22:36-40). 

Every donation that comes into this campaign is set to help fund other individual and small communities that are to reach their goals. As grants are given from this campaign, we will be sure to update the campaign with that information. 

If you know of a GiveSendGo campaign that you think meets the following qualifications, please contact us at Info@GiveSendGo.org

Qualifications for Grant Applicants:

  • Must have a verified GiveSendGo Campaign with the names of those who will receive the funds
  • An outlined and detailed story sharing why the funds are needed and how immediate they are needed
  • A disclosure detailing what the money will be specifically used for

*These qualifications do not guarantee any grant or financial assistance from GiveSendGo Charities. Finances will be available based on current funds available.