In 2018, I took a surf lesson with Toes On The Nose and the Hyatt Hotel in Huntington Beach.  I was told via their own ads I’d be provided a leash with my lesson. I had taken previous lessons with other businesses and had always been given a surfboard with a leash. So when my surf instructor did not give me a leash, I asked him if there was some new rule or if something had happened prompting them to no longer provide leashes anymore. For example, a new rule that deemed leashes were no longer safe. He said yes, so I believed him and proceeded on with the lesson. As a result of not having a leash during this lesson, two of my fingers were severed on my right hand (my dominant hand) by the board string.  The only purpose of the board string on a surfboard is to attach to a leash.  Without a leash it’s a hazard. I wouldn’t have lost my fingertips if they had provided me a leash as promised via their own literature.


The loss of my two fingertips required me to get multiple surgeries, go to rehab, and seek other ongoing medical care.  Also, I had to buy expensive prosthetics in order to type again, a process that took two years, and as most of you know, I write for a living. The emotional distress and physical pain this injury has caused me has been unbearable.


Within two days of my accident, my lawyer sent a letter asking Toes On The Nose to preserve all evidence related to my accident.  Also, I requested a reasonable amount of money that would not have covered all of my past and future related medical expenses. They refused to give me a penny, so I filed a lawsuit against Toes On The Nose and Hyatt.


I’ve quietly fought this legal battle for almost four years now. I foolishly thought the parties involved would accept some kind of responsibility and accountability for their gross negligence.  Instead, they made this situation as difficult as possible for me during a time when I should’ve been focusing on learning to cope and function without two fingertips. Not only did I never receive an apology or any sign of empathy from Toes On The Nose Owner, Richard Allred, and his associates, they treated me like garbage during this entire process.


On March 8, the trial for my case began. It lasted weeks. It’s my opinion the defendants pathologically lied, changed stories and waffled under oath. When I took the stand, their lawyer brought up information related to a sexual assault I was a victim of from a decade ago. They forced me to re-live the two worst traumas of my life.  Also, a ton of key evidence went missing. The judge even instructed the jury that they have to assume the “missing evidence” would’ve hurt the defendants.  Furthermore, my lawyer proved that Toes On The Nose and Hyatt Hotel didn’t have a legal license to teach surf lessons. The judge issued a direct verdict on this.


I lost my case.  It’s my opinion I did not get a fair trial due to unethical behavior. Curiously, the jury only deliberated for about an hour and 45 minutes.  They did not submit one question to the court bailiff nor did they ask to see any of the over 100 exhibits my lawyer submitted as evidence.  My lawyer told me he has never had such a strong case, and he said this is the grossest miscarriage of justice he’s ever seen.     

The parties involved refused to settle my case for an amount that would’ve covered my bills despite having three layers of insurance and coverage up to $9 million. Instead they pumped a ton of money into lawyers -- most likely way more than the number I asked for years ago.

I have to wonder if their refusal to settle had anything to do with who I am and the work that I do.  It’s not lost on me that Jeffrey Epstein victim, Virginia Giuffre, claimed she was allegedly forced to have sex with Hyatt Hotels Corporation Chairman, Tom Pritzker, in a lawsuit she filed.


Not only do I have outstanding medical bills and have lost a ton of money to pursue justice for this, the defendants are now moving to make me pay their trial costs.  This would cause me to go bankrupt; I believe they know this. Hyatt Hotels Corporation is a billion-dollar company – why are they determined to put me in financial ruin?

I left the mainstream media to expose sex trafficking.  For five years, I have put all my content out for free, and I haven’t profited off of any of the documentaries I’ve done. I funded my work through donations and my online stores. However, my PayPal, Venmo and online stores have been shut down. The censorship I deal with has made it almost impossible for me to make a living for myself as an independent journalist.

My lawyer is currently pursuing an appeal, and I’m going to continue to fight.  I’m asking for donations to help pay off my medical bills, costs related to my trial and to help me rebuild my business.  I hate asking for help or money, but I am left with no other option.  This nightmare has left me shattered and utterly devastated. I want to thank all my followers who have supported me through the years, and I greatly appreciate your continued support and prayers at this time.

You can read more about my story on my Substack page.