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Campaign Created by: Carol Lively

The funds from this campaign will be received by Carol Lively.

Monthly Goal: USD $3,000
Raised this month: USD $25
Total Raised: USD $ 3,820

Update: 3/01/2024  

Hello!  Thank you for supporting us these past few months!   We are so very grateful for the abundance that was showered upon us both on this platform and from the community!  We are also grateful the original sponsor decided to also help us!  All the animals are doing well.   Spring is around the corner!

We still need help from anyone that can spare any resources.   Our biggest need is HAY! Our Hay man notified us the other day he is out of hay.  Terry, the Hay man and his family, has kept the animals fed with high quality hay all winter.  He has allowed me to have a running credit and as I receive donations I forward the monies to Terry.  I currently have a balance of $849.00 due.   We sure are grateful for Terry and his family being so committed to keeping us together!  Is there anyone out there that can either donate hay locally here in the NW Georgia area or donate to the need?  We are almost out.  There about 2 days left of hay for the gang.  We sure would appreciate any help!  We know God is in control!  So, thank you in advance for any support! 

I’ve included extra photos of my precious furry and feather family members for you to enjoy!

I will gladly send a certificate of donation for anyone looking for a tax deduction.

Thank you, again, for any contributions or prayers!


The Lively Acres’ Gang!

Hello! We are in DiRE NEED! Please help us stay together !  Thank you for taking the time to consider helping us!  My name is Farmer C.J.  God blessed me with a little farm/animal sanctuary.  We are nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains here in N.W. Georgia.   We take care of God’s precious creatures and feed people.   The primary food source donated to those less fortunate is farm fresh, free range eggs!  Receipts are available for review to the local non profit.  We are also working on becoming a 501(c)3 non profit.  We currently have a Georgia Secretary of State ein with non profit status .   All donations are tax deductible with my state non profit status!

The rescue /donor who supported this project  has abandoned their commitment!  There is a half a bag of chicken feed about 12 bales of hay , 3 bags of dog food . With your donations Farmer C.J. Is Hoping to be able to continue to support the predominantly rescued animals on this farm.   It takes a minimum of $3,000 per month to support the farm.  Hay for the livestock averages about $1000.00 . The grain to feed the livestock varies on the cost of grain and the power bill is approximately $300.00 per month.  The power supports the well pump to water the livestock and the household.   Farmer C.J. and the animals at Lively Acre’s Farm truly appreciate any support you are able to give!

The campaign header photo is of our precious cow named Bartemaeous.  He was born on the farm with birth defects.  His Mom is Clara Belle, also a rescued cow!  He has no eyes and is blind.  His muzzle is also twisted but that doesn’t prevent him from enjoying his grain and hay!  He’s our miracle cow.  Everyone said to put him down but Farmer C.J. Kept working with him.  He’s super sweet! He enjoys massages, back scratches and hugs!  He wanders about the farm with no problems and knows Farmer C.J.’s voice.  He has a cow named Patty Cake who is also a rescue.  She helps him get about , too and is his seeing eye, cow.  She, too, is a rescued cow!

The farm has rescued dogs, cats, cows, goats and sheep!

Farmer C.J. Is also a watercolor artist. and Christian Children’s book Author.  Her first book will be available to purchase the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday!  All the illustrations were painted by Farmer C.J. More details will be forthcoming.

Farmer C.J. and the animals here at Lively Acre’s Farm appreciate your contributions!


Update 04/09/2024
April 9, 2024
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Greetings!  Spring has sprung here at Lively Acres!  We appreciate all the support.  All the animals are doing well and we are grateful for the green grass.

We are in dire need of both hay and grain.  Our current standing balance for hay is  $1186.  Our hay man , Terry and his family have been very support of the animals here at the farm.  Terry just recently went through surgery and is recuperating.  Please lift Terry and his family up in prayer.

We are in critical need of grain for the chickens, ducks, cows, goats and sheep.  There is about 5 days left of grain for the chickens and ducks and three days left for the cows, goats and sheep!  Please help us!

The Atlanta Humane Society sent both dog and cat food!  Thank you! Thank you!

The hens are in full production mode and producing many eggs!  Eggs have been donated to a local non profit that feeds the homeless and our veterans who need assistance.   You truly do make a difference for not only God’s precious creatures here on the farm but to many families who benefit from wholesome nutrition provided by our little farm!  We thank you in advance.

We truly appreciate all the help and prayers!


Farmer C.J. And the Lively Acres’ Gang


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