We’re making a TV show!

It's a Docuseries about the industry that gives life to every man woman and child in our country – the power linemen of the United States of America. Our Industry. Our Risk. Our Brotherhood. Our Way of Life. Our Example. Our Story

Why are we doing it?  

Our country doesn’t know a thing about us. We know we work in a skilled trade that is vital and takes years to master, but they don’t. And when all of us age out – we’re going to need the next generation of young American men to have chosen this way of life, or there aren’t going to be any linemen to keep the lights on. They have to see us. Because you can’t choose an option you don’t even know exists. 
What can you do?
Throw In!
We have to be self-funded, so the story is truly OUR STORY. 

#50From50 - Gets us on our way to the Green Light!

50 Linemen from each of the 50 States throwing in $100. Linemen, line wives, line enthusiasts - everybody throw in!

How does it work?

1.        Throw in $100.

2.        Claim a State in your comment.

3.        Get a Bull Grunt Hat! And be listed in the credits of the show if you want!

To be a Company Supporter, email TheBullGrunt@BullGrunt.com

To participate in the series with your ideas or yourself, email SeriesProducer@BullGrunt.com

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Thank y'all. God Bless y'all.

See Ya Down the Line,

Curtis "The Bull Grunt" Helms & Producers