When we heard that gofundme recently created a campaign to "fight back"  (See news story)  against the unborn. We knew the body of Christ could not stay silent.  

This campaign  "LIFE BACK",  is created by  GiveSendGo.com, a free Christian alternative to sites like gofundme, who like to pretend they are non-biased and say they do not discriminate, but over and over have again made their agenda known. See recent article.

We believe that EVERY SINGLE baby from conception is loved, known, and has purpose given to them by a gracious and loving God.  We know the lie that our society has bought into, is exactly that- A LIE and we do not want to  allow sites like gofundme to be the loudest voice in this campaign for LIFE. 

We are calling our campaign LIFE BACK because we hope through the dollars donated to this campaign, pregnancy centers and pro-life organizations will be able to continue to give LIFE BACK to the women and babies that find Hope through their missions. 

The donations of this campaign will be collected by  GiveSendGo.com and then given directly to the National Right to Life organization as well as other crisis pregnancy centers around the country.  We will be sending emails to all our donors letting them know where every dollar of this campaign ends up.  

We are not called to do this alone. Your donation,  whether $5 or $5000 allows your voice to be heard! 

Please Give, Share and Pray! We can not remain silent!