Help women recover from domestic violence trauma

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Goal: AUD $10,000
Raised: AUD $ 200

The Life 2 project provides workshops and personal sessions for women who have left abusive relationships. We raise funds to offer places at very low cost, or for free, to women who are experiencing financial challenges due to the multi-layered effects of past trauma.

Healing and recovery options are very limited for those who have been financially impacted, so women and their families are left to attempt to pay for private services, or to simply try to cope and live with the effects of trauma. Healing and recovery from trauma, and general self-care, are just simply out of the budget for most women in these situations.

There is a general perception that when someone leaves an abusive relationship their troubles are over. This could not be further from the truth. Trauma is present in everything you do, everywhere you go. It sleeps with you, it's there when you wake up, it eats with you, it's with you when you go to work and it influences every relationship you have. Trauma limits life. Many women who have left abusive relationships struggle with confidence, coping, self-worth, PTSD and many emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health issues. Often these issues span decades. The cost is huge on a personal level, and also on a family and wider community level.

Our workshops and sessions allow women to take aspects of their recovery and wellness into their own hands, as we work through our program we practice and teach skills and strategies for the long term relief from the effects of trauma. Our workshops are followed up, week by week, with personal individual sessions for deeper exploration and release of unique personal experiences. Our aim is for our participants to gain relief from the long term effects of trauma throughout the program, but to also learn and use techniques to manage their every day levels of stress, anxiety and many other issues, building confidence, emotional wellness and resilience.

Our trauma sensitive and informed approach ensures that our work is centred around the needs of our participants and we take a consultative approach to how we work with our participants. Some may not be comfortable in a group environment, so we offer only the personal private sessions for those who express this preference.

We would love your help to support the many thousands of women, who find themselves with no resources, to come back to themselves and live a fulfilling and productive life again after leaving an abusive relationship. Many of our previous participants have gone on to create huge changes in their lives and the lives of their children. 

We aim to keep our programs ongoing in local communities and online, to be available to as many women as possible, creating peace, balance and brighter futures.

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June 21, 2023
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