Our Vote is Our Voice. When we lost our ability to hand count our vote, went to electronic voter rolls that have been corrupted and let the software do the counting we lost control of our elections and our, vote and our voices too. The time is now to restore both our votes and our voices. Election Protection is the key to taking back America safely and right now I am poised to help do that. 

We are going on the offense now! I/We need your help to help Save America. I am willing to put in the time, but I do not have the money to seek out proper representation and pay for costs as I continue on this fight to save America. We have a great case here too! 

Maricopa County did not complete a mandatory FISMA risk assessment test that is required as Elections are deemed "critical infrastructure." The software has known at least 9 known vulnerabilities that our own government via CISA, admitted to and said there was no fix. I have also proven that the machines can change the vote without detection. 

Here is a link to the Writ for your review: bit.ly/FISMAWrit 

What the government has done is against the law and the Election should not be certified, nor should we be using artificial intelligence to count our sacred American Votes.

We must go back to Precinct Voting, with Proof of American Citizenship with ID, clean up the voter rolls and hand count our votes. We can do this.  

I/We can't afford to mess this up. This could affect the entire country and Our Future and children and grandchildrens future too. 

We are at war and the time to fight back is now!

Please Prayerfully Give Generously to Help Save America and Protect Our Sacred American Vote! 

God bless you and God Bless America 

In Liberty, 

Gail Golec 

PS: I will be giving back 3% of all donations to GiveSendGo as I am so very grateful for their platform.