Give to a new campaign!  Help us to raise funds for the Letter to the American Church Film, based on the book by Eric Metaxas, Letter to the American Church.  We want this important message to get out far and wide and pray that many in the church will be encouraged to speak out to the obvious attack on the American church and to the American way of life and culture.  As the church is the conscience of the state, Christians need to take a bold stand against the evils of the day.  

Silence is not an option.  God calls us to defend the unborn, to confront the lies of cultural Marxism, and to battle the globalist tyranny that crushes human freedom.  Confident that this is His fight, the Church must overcome fear and enter the fray, armed with the spiritual weapons of prayer, self-sacrifice, and love.  We need your help in funding this film which will expose more people to this important message.